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The following pages use templates in ways that the template code has deemed invalid.

Fixing Invalid Arguments

Viewing Warnings

Pages in this category should have editor warnings that describe which template usages are invalid and how to fix them.

Warning messages are displayed above page previews, unless the preference Show previews without reloading the page is enabled. In this case, the warnings can also be viewed in the Lua logs at the very bottom of the preview page beneath the editing area, under "parser profiling data."

Unfortunately warning messages cannot be viewed when using VisualEditor, even in source mode. To switch to the regular source editor, go to Special:Preferences, Editing tab, and from the Preferred editor dropdown select Source editor.

Transcluded Errors

If a page appears in this category but no editor warning appears when previewing the page, it may be that the error is being transcluded from another page. This happens quite often with errors in Data:Translations being transcluded into articles via {{Nomenclature}}, and on redirect pages that use {{Synonym}}.

In this case, you can use Special:ExpandTemplates to find out where the error is coming from. Put the name of the article in the context title field and the article wikitext in the input wikitext field, then submit the form. Search for Articles using invalid arguments in template calls in the Result section. The category name will appear where the error is.

Once the transcluded page (e.g. Data:Translations) is fixed, you must null edit the transcluding page (e.g. an article with Nomenclature) to clear it from this category.


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