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The following articles contain one or more vague and unspecific statements pertaining to Four Swords Anniversary Edition. For example, they may contain weasel words such as "in some games," "a certain amount," "some people," etc., which should be clarified to make the information more accurate and reliable.

To add articles to this category, you can tag a sentence with any of these templates:

  • {{Which|FSAE}} can be used to mark statements that vaguely point towards a group without specifying one subject. ("in some games," "in some areas")
  • {{Whom|FSAE}} can be used to mark statements that are very opinionated and less fact-based, especially if they do not have a citation to do along with them. ("Fi is the most popular character in The Legend of Zelda series," "The Fire Rod is the coolest Item")
  • {{When|FSAE}} can be used to mark vague time periods. ("eventually," "after some time")
  • {{How|FSAE}} can be used to mark vague statements relating to actions. ("Link defeated Ganon," "The layout of the room was changed in the final version," "Big Switches can open paths forward")
  • {{How Many|FSAE}} can be used to mark statements with unspecific quantifiers. ("a certain amount," "lots of," "many," "some")
  • {{Clarify|FSAE}} can be used when none of the previous templates fit.

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