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Dee Ess Island is an island in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Features and Overview

Located in the southern area of the Southeastern Sea, Dee Ess Island is a hidden island shaped like a Nintendo DS.[2] It has geographical features resembling the system's Control Pad, the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the top and bottom screens, the speakers, and the microphone. The dock also resembles a stylus sticking part-way into the DS.

On the island, Link can find a Courage Gem by digging with the Shovel where the Menu button would be located in the area representing the touch screen.[3] He can obtain another Courage Gem by going to the pit representing the top screen and defeating the Hinox that lurk there. If the player blows into the microphone while Link stands on the spot of the island representing the microphone, a Treasure Chest containing a Big Gold Rupee will appear. By using the Shovel on the various spots of soft ground representing the speakers and the microphone, Link can also unearth Rupees of different values, though some of these spots will produce groups of Bees or Ropes instead.

Dee Ess Island also houses the Goron Game, where Link can win a Bombchu Bag upgrade.


Names in Other Regions
ドゥエス島 (Du Esu Shima)[5]
The French Republic
Ile des Esses[7]
Ile Dée Ess[9]
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Isola Diesse[4]
Latin America
Isla Dee Ess[8]
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla De Ese[10]
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