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The Fitting Room is the location and interface in Tri Force Heroes where Link changes his Outfit.[1]


The Fitting Room is to the left of the front counter inside Madame Couture's, and is occupied by the Stylish Woman until Link purchases an Outfit.[2] From that point onward, Link can enter the room by pressing the A button near its curtain. Link is not controlled inside the Fitting Room; entering it brings up an interface similar to the Catalog which lets the player select one of the Outfits Link owns. Once an Outfit is selected, Link is shown standing inside the Fitting Room as the curtains draw closed. Moments later, the curtains reopen and Link strikes a pose in his new Outfit.

Whenever Link emerges from the Fitting Room, the Stylish Woman makes a flirtatious comment about his Outfit, usually referring to him as some type of food item.[3][4][5] When a new Outfit is purchased, Link will automatically enter the Fitting Room and change into it.


Names in Other Regions
フィッティングルーム (Fittingu Rūmu)[7]
The French Republic
Cabine d'essayage[9]
Cabine d'essayage[12]
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
The Republic of Korea
피팅룸 (Pitingrum)[10]
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
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