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Focus Spirit is a special ability used by Warriors in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


Focus Spirit uses Magic Power, which may be filled by collecting Magic Jars from defeating enemies, breaking jars or cutting grass.[2] Once the Focus Spirit gauge is filled, a character may enter Focus Spirit by pressing the R button. When Focus Spirit is activated, the character's stats will be boosted for a short time, and they will not be knocked back when hit by a strong attack. Activating Focus Spirit will also surround the character in a colored glow that matches the Element of their Weapon class. Once the gauge is drained of its Magic Power, the character performs an explosion of energy with a unique animation onto their surrounding enemies. The length of a character's Focus Spirit can be extended by crafting Hover Boots Badges.

If a character performs a Special Attack while under the effects of Focus Spirit, a Focus Spirit Attack is performed. These attacks are similar to Special Attacks, but are larger, more destructive, and with the added property of being able to knock enemies down and reveal their Weak Point Gauge instantly.[3]

Young Link is a unique Warrior as he can transfer all of his filled Special Attack gauges into his Magic Meter by pressing the Strong Attack button. The amount transferred to the Magic Meter is dependent on the number of Special Attack gauges filled; normally, three full bars can fill up the Magic Meter completely. Through this, it is possible for Young Link to remain in Focus Spirit indefinitely by continuously attacking enemies to fill his Special Attack gauge, and transfer it into his Magic Meter.


During Focus Spirit, the Warrior can preserve Magic Power by defeating a certain number of enemies. Each goal gives the Warrior an extra portion of Magic Power to remain in Focus Spirit, as well as a bonus that increases the amount or chances of receiving certain goods for the duration of the Focus Spirit, such as Rupees, Experience, and high-rank Weapon drops. These bonuses are received in order and stack with each other. Once the last bonus has appeared, the Warrior can no longer receive anymore bonuses to increase their Magic Power.

Bonus Number of K.O.s Ganon's Fury / Cucco's Fury
More Rupees 20 - 25 75 - 150
More EXP 40 - 50 150 - 250
More Hearts 60 - 75 225 - 375
More Rare Materials 80 - 100 300 - 500
More High-Rank Weapons 100 - 130 390 - 650


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