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Gold Dust is a recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series.[2]

Location and Uses

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Gold Dust is awarded to the victor of the Patriarch's Race after completing Snowhead Temple.[1][3] The Gold Dust comes in a Bottle Link can keep the first time he wins it. The Bottle, but not the dust, is brought back through time with him when travelling back to the Dawn of the First Day. When Gold Dust is won again in future cycles, it is presented to Link on a piece of paper or foil, to be stored in a Bottle he already possesses.

Zubora and Gabora need this to temper Link's Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword.[4] Gold Dust can be sold for 200 Rupees at the Curiosity Shop, making it one of the most financially profitable items to sell.[1] This is in stark contrast to the abysmal 40 Rupees offered at the Mountain Smithy.[5]

Tri Force Heroes

Gold Dusts are one of the rare Materials used to make the Sword Master Suit.[2] Unlike most Materials, they cannot be obtained from Levels in the Drablands, purchased from the Street Merchant, or won in Daily Riches. Instead, Link can receive one as a reward from King Tuft for completing all Drablands Challenges in The Ruins,[6] or as one of the random prizes for winning a Coliseum battle in the The Ruins-based arena.[citation needed]

Following the Ver. 2.1.0 update, Link can also receive Gold Dust by speaking to the Street Merchant, who, for every ten Hero Points collected, will grant the young hero a Material of the lowest value required to craft an Outfit. The odds of winning one in the Coliseum have also been increased.[citation needed]

Gold Dusts can also be sold to the Street Merchant for 600 Rupees apiece.


  Names in Other Regions  
サラサラ砂金 (Sarasara Sakin) (TFH)[10]Silky Gold Dust
Poudre d'or fin (TFH) 
Poudre d'or fin (TFH)[12] 
Goldstaub (TFH)[11] 
  • Polverina d'Oro (MM)[7]
  • Polvere d'oro (MM3D)[8]
  • Polverina d'oro (TFH)[9]
  • Gold Dust
  • Gold dust
Polvo de oro (TFH)[13] 
Polvo de oro (TFH) 
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