Ice Crystal

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Ice Crystals are recurring Objects and Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Location and Uses

Oracle of Seasons

Ice Crystals are found in the Sword & Shield Maze in Oracle of Seasons. They are used to cool Lava so that Link can walk on it. The Crystals can be picked up with the Power Bracelet and thrown down Pits. They can also be carried on Mine Carts from room to room.

Other Appearances

The Faces of Evil


The Ice Crystal can be found in Serigon Caves in The Faces of Evil. Odranoel in the Harlequin Bazaar asks Link to bring it to him so he can prove that "the light of ice penetrates more than fire".[2] He uses the Crystal to add a vacuum to Link's Lantern, turning it into the Magic Lantern.


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