Ingo's House

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Ingo's House is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

Ingo's House is a House in Sunken City. It is located on a small hill just north of the Sunken City Gate, in the northwestern area of the City. It is one of the few Houses not flooded with Water. Outside is a Sign advertising Ingo's desire for vases.[2]

Ingo lives inside, with little furniture but a Bed, table, and chairs. The one-room home is dominated by Ingo's massive vase collection, set on a shelf encircling the rest of the room. When Link first enters the House, Ingo will complain that Biggoron will not trade him for a certain vase for his collection.[3] If Link has the Goron Vase, Ingo will offer his Fish dinner in exchange for it.[4][5] When Link returns, the Goron Vase will be placed in the only empty spot in Ingo's collection. Should Link try to walk up and touch it, Ingo will get angry and stop him.[6]


  Names in Other Regions  
Casa di Ingo[7]Same as English.
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