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The Jee Noh Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name On the Move,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Jee Noh Shrine is located in the Gerudo Canyon Pass in the Gerudo Highlands. It is unguarded and sits in plain sight. As Link enters, he will hear the voice of Jee Noh, the Shrine's Monk, greet him.[2]

Themes and Navigation

The Ancient Shrine consists of three different main rooms. The first room has a Ancient Orb moving across a set of conveyor belts. Link must freeze the orb with Stasis and shoot it with an Arrow to make it roll into the Concave Slot that it belongs in. This opens the door to the next room.

In the second room, there is a similar puzzle as the first room, except the Ancient Orb is accompanied by two Guardian Scouts I on the conveyor belt. They will fire short lasers at Link and must either be defeated with a Bow or avoided as he once again puts the Ancient Orb into Stasis and shoots it with an Arrow, opening yet another door once it lands in its Concave Slot.

In the third room, there are two sets of conveyor belts. Link must carry an Ancient Orb across one of them, which is moving against the direction that he needs to go and slows Link down. This makes it more difficult for Link to avoid the three tripwire lasers emitting from nearby statues. Link must wait for Blocks to block the lasers before crossing the first and third lasers and must turn off the second laser with Stasis. After making it across safely, Link can then simply place the Ancient Orb into the Concave Slot to open the door to the end of the Ancient Shrine. There is a Treasure Chest containing an Opal that Link can jump to on the conveyor belt across from him.

In the final room of the Jee Noh Shrine, Jee Noh is found waiting for the hero on the Monk's Pedestal. When Link approaches Jee Noh, the Monk gives him a Spirit Orb as a reward for overcoming the Ancient Shrine.[3] Afterwards, Jee Noh will then wish Link well and fade away.[4]

Minor Enemies


  Names in Other Regions  
  • Tempel van Jee Noh[6]
  • Stilstaan of bewegen[7]
  • Temple of Jee Noh
  • Standing Stil of Moving
Santuario de Inyo[5]Inyo Shrine
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