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Magic Circles are objects in Hyrule Warriors.[1][2][3]


Magic Circles appear as circular markings on the ground. When a Magic Circle is not yet usable, it appears as a simple circle that continuously emits a flicker of light around its radius. When it is ready to be activated, the Magic Circle appears with a much more ornate, spinning design. Magic Circles are magical formations that have a variety of uses. Their most common purpose is to summon the Great Fairy from Fairy Fountains where it is most frequently found; however, it can also create magical manifestations as well as be used as a means of escape. They are used to carry out specific tasks during a battle and are often required to complete a mission and to further a battle's progress. Magic Circles can be activated by pressing the A-Button while standing in one when they are active.

Inside of Fairy Fountains, the circles are used to summon the inhabiting Great Fairy. This is usually to the Allied Forces' advantage, as the Great Fairy can create powerful attacks that turn the tide in their favor; such as dropping a giant Bomb to damage a wide scale of enemies or knocking Argorok out of the sky. In "Battle of the Triforce," Ganondorf and his Forces must prevent Impa from summoning the Great Fairy, lest he be defeated.

Although the exact origins of Magic Circles are uncertain, some are known to be created by those who possess magical abilities. In "The Shadow King," either Lana or Midna devise a plan to create Magic Circles to attack Argorok, who is otherwise flying too high to be attacked directly. The Magic Circles create chains that bind Argorok; however, they fail as the dragon breaks free and temporarily retreats. The plan fails three times before the Hyrulean Forces discover another Magic Circle and use it to summon the Great Fairy, who manages to successfully knock Argorok out of the sky.

In "March of the Demon King", Lana creates a pair of Magic Circles when she splits herself to escape Ganondorf.[4][5] Her doubles run to opposite directions where the circles are created; however, Ganondorf's Forces manage to reach and defeat her before she can escape him.[6]

In "Enduring Resolve," Lana creates a Magic Circle to summon her allies Darunia, Ruto, Midna, Agitha, and Fi from their various eras to aid the Hyrulean Forces in their battle.

Combat Usage

Many Warriors are capable of creating magical circles that are similar to Magic Circles during combat, usually when casting spells. Darunia is shown creating red magic circles under his feet, allowing him to summon large boulders covered in molten magma to damage Enemies. When playing the "Bolero of Fire" on her Harp, Sheik places a red Magic Circle on the ground that erupts in a pillar of flames after a few moments. Ruto's attacks conjure water-based Magic Circles, allowing her to create waves seemingly out of thin air, and allows her to dive and swim through the ground with these abilities. When summoning her Giant Golden Bugs, Agitha creates a green Magic Circle for her Beetle and a yellow Magic Circle for her Butterfly.

In Adventure Mode, Allied Commanders are capable of creating Magic Circles to bombard enemy Keeps. Whenever Allied Commanders leave to establish these Magic Circles, enemy Forces will divert their attention to stop them.


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