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The Party Wheel is an Item in Skyward Sword.[1][2]

Location and Uses

After Link repairs Scrapper, he can go to Fun Fun Island, where he will find Dodoh in a depressed mood. He tells Link that his Party Wheel of fun fell from his back and down to The Surface.[3] Although he was planning on opening up the island to a minigame, he cannot bring himself to do anything without the party wheel.[4]

Link can help Dodoh by Dowsing for the Party Wheel, which can be found in the south portion of the Lanayru Desert, near the entrance to the Lanayru Mine. Here, Link can hit a nearby Timeshift Stone to make vines appear on a wall. Climbing the vines and walking through the path that follows eventually leads to the Party Wheel, which can be brought up to Fun Fun Island with the aid of Scrapper. Once the Party Wheel is delivered to Dodoh, he will be overjoyed and reward Link with five Gratitude Crystals as well as a free attempt at his new minigame.[5]


  Names in Other Regions  
Roulettescheibe (SS)Roulette Disc
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