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Ramrock is a recurring Boss and character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3]


Oracle of Ages

Ramrock is a levitating stone head that comes to life when Link gets near, serving as the Boss of the Ancient Tomb, the eighth Dungeon in Oracle of Ages. It is battled in four distinct phases. Much of its movement consists of sweeping back and forth along the rear wall in a long, rectangular room. In the southern corners of the room are regrowable Bushes that can be cut to replenish Link's supply of Bombs and Scent Seeds.

Ramrock's first method of attack is to fire its fists at Link as he passes into its line of sight. Link can use his Sword to strike the fists back at the Boss. A direct hit from one of its own fists will damage Ramrock, otherwise they will simply rejoin the head when they reach the wall. After three hits, the next phase will begin.

For the second phase, Ramrock summons a new pair of hands designed for crushing. It detaches from the rear wall and begins to chase after Link. Every few seconds, Ramrock stops in place and slams its hands together in an attempt to crush Link, who must lay or throw a Bomb directly between its hands. Ramrock will crush the Bomb, taking damage from the explosion. If Link can do this three times, the battle will enter the next phase.

Ramrock begins the third phase by returning to the rear wall, discarding its hands again, and summoning two shields that protect its front and sides from any attack. It will attack Link by periodically firing a large energy ball at him, or by firing unavoidable lasers from its eyes as it sweeps across the room. Link's only counter-attack is to use the Seed Shooter to bounce any Seed off the walls, hitting Ramrock in the back. Four hits with the Seeds will end this phase.

For the final phase, Ramrock loses the shields and gains two miniature cannons for arms, each one carrying a heavy Ball attached by a chain. When Link enters the Boss's line of sight, it will fire one of the Balls at him, causing great damage if it hits. In the brief time before Ramrock retracts the Ball and continues its assault, Link must grab the other Ball using his Power Glove, pull it back to its full extension, then release the Ball, sending it hurtling into the Boss. After doing this three times, Ramrock will finally be defeated, leaving behind a Heart Container and opening the door to the Falling Star.

Other Appearances

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

In the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa, Ramrock is summoned by Veran in order to destroy the hidden village.[3] He makes his way through the village's crops, almost crushing Roperi as she pleads with him to leave.[4] Link saves the girl and vows to stop Ramrock from destroying the villagers' livelihood.[5] The hero confronts Ramrock and uses a double spin attack,[6] destroying the monster.


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