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South Hyrule Field is an area in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

South Hyrule Field is located in southern Hyrule. It connects to three other areas: the Eastern Hills to the east, Hyrule Town to the north, and the Western Wood to the west.

Link's House lies in the center of South Hyrule Field. A Fairy Fountain sits behind a Cracked Wall in the western part of the Field. Tingle can also be found on a ledge to the east. After Link Fuses Kinstone Piece with Strato, a Portal appears west of Link's House that leads to the Home of the Wind Tribe. Additionally, the pool in the western part of South Hyrule Field will dry up after a random Kinstone Fusion, opening the way to a cave with 15 Blue Rupees, valued at 75 Rupees in total.



After the Bound Chest is opened
  1. Disappears after Link Fuses Kinstones with the Hurdy-Gurdy Man.


Treasure Chest

Appears after a random Kinstone Fusion

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

Appears after a random Kinstone Fusion


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