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Subrosian Volcanoes is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] They are a chain of volcanic mountains in northern Subrosia. The Volcanoes are located beneath the Temple Remains. It is the first and last area of Subrosia that Link must explore on his quest. The Sword & Shield Maze, which contains the last Essence of Nature, is found here.


The lava-filled mountain range known as the Subrosian Volcanoes constitutes most of Subrosia's northern border. At the center of the mountains stand three large active volcanoes; the middle one being the largest in Subrosia. Lava flows down from these central peaks into the Subrosian Hot Springs directly below, and from thence it flows all the way down to the Subrosia Seaside. To the west of these volcanoes, a great bridge that spans two peaks connects the eastern and western ranges of the Subrosian Volcanoes. To the far west, the Sword & Shield Maze sits atop an area of the Volcanoes that is completely isolated from the rest of Subrosia. It can only be accessed from Holodrum via one of the portals in the Temple Remains.

Several Caves in the area lead within the Volcanoes.

Features and Exploration

The volcanic eruption caused by Link

The Subrosian Volcanoes are the first area of Subrosia that Link discovers after following Rosa through a portal in North Horon, which drops Link off at the top of the volcanic chain. Two staircases lead down the mountains: the eastern staircase leads out of the Volcanoes into Subrosia Village, and the western one leads to the Subrosian Hot Springs. To the south of the springs is a staircase that leads down to the Subrosian Dance Hall, where the young hero needs to win the Boomerang in order to acquire the power of Winter for the Rod of Seasons. Given the many pitfalls in the area, much of the Volcanoes are inaccessible to Link until he acquires the Roc's Feather. When he does, the young hero can explore the western ranges and a second hot springs to the east. In the far corner of the hot springs, there is a small patch of land where 50 Ore Chunks can be dug up with the Shovel. The Magnetic Gloves or the Roc's Cape are needed to hover over the lava to reach the patch of land.

Near the end of the game, Link returns to the area to reach the eighth Dungeon in the game. From a portal in the Temple Remains, Link is teleported to the bottom of an otherwise inaccessible staircase which leads to a chamber at the core of the Subrosian Volcanoes.[2] Inside, Link finds a Subrosian throwing random Items in a lava pit at the center of the volcanic chamber.[2] Throwing a Bomb in the pit causes a massive eruption of all the volcanoes, sending lava pouring through the Temple Remains above.[2] This opens up new paths in the Remains, allowing Link to climb to the top and discover the final portal to Subrosia. It leads to the remote section of the Subrosian Volcanoes where the Sword & Shield Maze is located.[2]


The mountainous location is dotted by several caves. One can be found on either side of the three central peaks. The one on the western side is the volcanic chamber mentioned above. The eastern cave is strangely grassy. In a Linked Game, it is the home of a golden Subrosian to whom Link tells the Subrosian Secret.[3] After telling him the secret, the Subrosian challenges him to cut all the grass in the room with three throws of his Boomerang,[4] offering Bombchus as a reward. The challenge is only feasible with the Magical Boomerang, however.

At the foothills of the Volcanoes, northeast of the Subrosian Chef's kitchen, there is a locked cave that requires Rosa's key to open. Inside is a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed. The westernmost cave at the Subrosian Volcanoes also contains a Gasha Seed.


  Names in Other Regions  
Vulcani di Subrosia[5]Subrosia's Volcanoes
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