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This template serves as a customized Data Table to display Gratitude Crystal information.


This template should always be placed underneath a header titled "Gratitude Crystals". This section should be placed in alphabetical order after the common set of subsections for a location, typically after a section for Treasure Chests (see: Guidelines:Skyward Sword).

{{Gratitude Crystals
  • 1 (repeatable) — The name of the location they are found in. You only need to list the name of the page itself in most cases, as this will generate a file link to a screenshot based on what is added here. For additional rows, include the number of the screenshot in brackets (e.g. [2]) after the location's name.
  • 2 (repeatable) — The quantity of Gratitude Crystals received. Please list this as a numeral.
  • 3 (repeatable) — A description of the specific location where they can be found.


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