The Dark Cloud

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The Dark Cloud is a location in Four Swords Adventures.[1]

Themes and Navigation

The second stage of the Realm of the Heavens, The Dark Cloud's first section plays from a side-scrolling perspective. After entering a Light Beam to get to the next area, it returns to the traditional top-down view. The Links may take one of two routes, both leading to the final battle with Shadow Link and the exit of the stage.

  • The first route is a lengthy maze of Floor Spike. If the Links approach them, the Spikes will appear from the ground and cause the Links to lose health and Force Gems. These Spikes can be revealed temporarily by hitting the ground forcefully with the Magic Hammer. Alternatively, one may pick up a Link and throw him in search of a clear path. Hitting the Switches will cause safe paths to appear. The Links must navigate through this maze until they reach a Moon Gate.
  • The second route requires the Links to find a Slingshot and use a platform to move through four barriers. Once they are on the other side, the Links will find a room with 18 Treasure Chests which contain two Giant Bombs, a Moon Pearl, a Crystal Ball, and a total of 1,514 Force Gems. The Links must take the Moon Pearl to a Moon Gate two screens east.

At the end of the stage the four Links must defeat Shadow Link in a final battle. They continue regenerating each time one is defeated until Princess Zelda appears and uses her power to seal the Dark Mirror. When all the Shadow Links are defeated, Zelda reclaims the Mirror and creates a bridge leading to the Palace of Winds for the final battle.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemies


  Names in Other Regions  
Nube Oscura[2]Dark Cloud
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