The Spring of Wisdom

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This article is about the Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild. For the location, see Spring of Wisdom.

"The Spring of Wisdom" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]

The Spring of Wisdom

Quest Giver Medda
Location Hateno Village
Reward Jitan Sa'mi Shrine


In Hateno Village, Link can speak to Medda, who states there is not much to see in their town.[2] When Link presses further, Medda shares that there is a dye shop in town,[3] though he also points out Mount Lanayru to the north.[4] At Link's confusion, Medda explains that the Spring of Wisdom, where Zelda purified herself, is on top of the mountain.[5]

Medda suspects that the Royal Family of Hyrule left a treasure at the Spring of Wisdom.[6] Since Mount Lanayru is covered in Ice, Medda thinks it is unlikely anyone would be able to find out.[7] However, he encourages Link to explore up there if he has the opportunity.[8] When he finishes speaking, the Shrine Quest will begin.[note 1]

On top of Mount Lanayru, Link will find Malice Naydra curled around the Spring of Wisdom Statue, which is the Spring of Wisdom's Goddess Statue. Through the Statue, Hylia congratulates Link for finding the Spring.[9] She explains that Naydra is a spirit that has overlooked the land of Hyrule for ages.[10] Unfortunately, it has become corrupted by Calamity Ganon's Malice.[11] Therefore, Hylia tasks Link with purging the Malice from Naydra.[12] The Glowing Eyeball on Malice Naydra's head then opens.

When Link shoots one of the Glowing Eyeballs, Malice Naydra will begin to fly above the Spring of Wisdom. Using its Updrafts, Link can reach the Dragon to continue shooting at the Malice. Malice Naydra will make its way towards Naydra Snowfield. After all of the Glowing Eyeballs have been defeated, Naydra will return to its white and blue appearance and fly to the Spring of Wisdom.[13]

Hylia congratulates Link for freeing Naydra.[14] She instructs Link to shoot Naydra with one last Arrow, thereby freeing the Dragon.[15] When he does, one of Naydra's Scale will drop right in front of Link as it flies away.[16][17] Hylia instructs Link to drop it in the Spring.[18] When this is done, the door to Jitan Sa'mi Shrine will open, and Hylia will tell Link to go forward.[19] Afterwards, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 Medda, a resident of Hateno Village, told you that there is a Spring of Wisdom somewhere on Mount Lanayru, which towers to the north of the village. The story goes that long ago, a princess used that spring for a purification ceremony.

Moreover, there are rumors of a fantastic treasure hidden in the spring.
2 You found no treasure but instead discovered Naydra, the Spring of Wisdom's guardian spirit, who has been overtaken by darkness.

Break through the evil force possessing Naydra to set this great spirit free!
3 You freed Naydra, the guardian dragon of the Mount Lanayru spring, from the darkness that had overcome it.

When Naydra soared away into the heavens, it left behind Naydra's scale.
Complete When you tossed Naydra's scale into the Spring of Wisdom, an ancient shrine appeared.

Freed of the shackles of evil, Naydra flew away in peace.


  Names in Other Regions  
ラネール山のお宝を探れ! (Ranēru yama no otakara o sagure!) 
探索拉聶爾山的寶物! (Tànsuǒ lā niè ěr shān de bǎowù!) 
探索拉聂尔山的宝贝! (Tànsuǒ lā niè ěr shān de bǎobèi!) 
Schat op de Lanayru-berg[20]Treasure on Lanayru Mountain
Le trésor de Lanelle 
Schatz der Ranelle-Spitze 
Il tesoro di RanelLanayru's Treasure
라넬산의 보물을 찾아라! (Ranelsanui bomureul chajara!) 
«Сокровище Ланейру» («Sokrovishche Laneyru») 
El tesoro de la fuente 
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  1. It is possible to immediately complete this Shrine Quest by climbing Mount Lanayru, rescuing Naydra, and unlocking Jitan Sa'mi Shrine before speaking to Medda.


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