A War of Spirit

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A War of Spirit

Stage Temple of Souls
Playable Character(s)
Mini-boss(es) Dark Links
Boss Ganondorf
Main Theme Music "Psychostorm"
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
The Sacred SwordShining Beacon
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"A War of Spirit" is the second Scenario of the Epilogue arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[name references needed] It takes place in the Temple of Souls.


After Link successfully retrieves the Master Sword from the Temple of the Sacred Sword, the Hyrulean Forces head for the Temple of Souls where Cia is hiding, after her location was revealed by Wizzro.[1] Cia however had anticipated their arrival, and was especially observant to Link's growing overconfidence as a result of the Hyrulean Forces' string of victories and the Master Sword in his possession.[2][3] However as the two armies prepared to fight, the eyes of a third faction had watched from the shadows.[4]

As the Hyrulean Forces march in to infiltrate the temple, Link enters the fray as he fiercely attacks Cia's troops with the Master Sword, as encouraged by Proxi. His actions however greatly concerns his other allies, and Impa hopes he does not become too reckless. Cia on the other hand welcomes him to her temple, and eagerly beckons for him to come. As Link fights his way, Lana points out that there are be six Magic Keeps, with three in the east and three in the west. These Keeps are indicated by purple borders that surround them and run along the floors of the temple. Zelda orders these Keeps be captured immediately to sever their connection and weaken their magic. ReDead Knights are continuously spawned from and empowered by the Keeps, and proceed to attack Zelda outside. Quickly becoming overwhelmed by their strength, Link's allies press the need to conquer the Keeps. As Link gradually conquers them, Zelda senses an overwhelmingly evil presence from somewhere in the area, however this same presence is not sensed by the others.[5] Eventually Link successfully claims all six Magic Keeps, thus severing their connection and decreasing the ReDead Knights' Morale. Cia however is not bothered by this change of events, and again encourages Link to come to her. She opens the doors to her chamber, the Sorceress's Room Keep.

Link enters the Sorceress's Room fighting the enemies inside, and Cia suddenly appears before him. Using the darkness of Link's arrogance and overconfidence, she summons Dark Link from Link's shadow. Cia temporarily retreats and watches from afar as Dark Link attacks Link. Lana and the Hyrulean Forces immediately rush to the aid of Link. Despite this, Link manages to defeat Dark Link, however four more Dark Links then spawn throughout the temple and attack. Just as the situation turns critical, Ganondorf rides into battle with his own army in the southeast and attacks the Hyrulean Forces. His plan is to take the Triforce once both sides wear out. Cia becomes infuriated by his return. With little choice left, Zelda and her troops retreat towards the palace interior. Midna recommends they move to the rose garden in the west. In that time Link manages to defeat two Dark Links, but the remaining Dark Links retreat, and one is revived back in the Sorceress's Room. Link leaves to combat this Dark Link as well.

However as soon as Link enters the Sorceress's Room, the gates suddenly close behind him and traps him inside. His allies become aggravated by his recklessness and hurry back to fend for him. Immediately after defeating Dark Link, more spawn again and surround him. Now finding himself overwhelmed, Link is unable to fight and is nearly killed by the Dark Links, but is saved by Lana as she teleports in the room. The Dark Links strike back, but are repelled and defeated by Impa, Midna, Darunia, and Fi. Finally realizing his recklessness and seeing all of his friends' support, Link raises the Master Sword as its true strength awakens. The Keep gates are reopened and the Hyrulean Forces' Morale improves. Cia is enraged by her foiled plan, and swears that if she cannot pull the darkness from Link, then she will use her own. Ignoring Lana's pleads, she uses greater magic to summon hordes of monsters before fleeing the battlefield.

With Link now saved, the Hyrulean Forces are forced to make a hasty retreat. However Ganondorf refuses to let them escape, and quickly advances to attack Zelda. Forced to take a detour, Midna teleports to the SW Magic Keep to redirect the Forces. However Zelda suddenly finds herself unable to move by a tremendous power.[6] Proxi tells Link that now is the time to return the favor and protect his friends by defeating Ganondorf. Link defeats him, thus forcing Ganondorf and his army to retreat, though he swears he is not defeated.


Hyrulean Forces Dark Forces Ganondorf's Forces



Shield Moblins

Goron Captains
Bulblins Stalchildren

Bulblin Captains

Stalchild Captains

ReDead Knights





Dark Links







Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Behind the wall west of the SW Magic Keep Defeat 1,000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
East Garden Play as Zelda with the Rapier; appears after Impa, Lana, Darunia, Midna, and Fi leave the battlefield after Dark Link vanishes

Piece of Heart
South Garden Play as Fi; appears after Ganondorf arrives

Heart Container
Underneath the Boulder on the path that leads south from the SE Magic Keep Play as Impa


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Das dunkle Herz (HWDE)The dark Heart
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