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Aba is a young girl that appears in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. She is the only recognizable Hylian in the game and is an excellent fighter. She is good friends with the other children in Port Town: Missy, Chiko, Dave, "Big Bro" and Paul.


Tingle meets Aba early in his quest in Hometown Prairie after leaving Port Town. Aba warns him that he is going to die,[1] though she immediately retracts this as a joke, and offers to teach Tingle how to fight through her Battle Class.[2] If Tingle accepts, she has him fight against a rubber toy for practice.[3] When Tingle wins, she instructs him to fight against Shiyou Rats and Eyelid Pigs.[4] After Tingle defeats those, she tasks him with fighting two enemies at once.[5]

Aba later appears again in Sunshine Seashore, where she teaches him more advanced battling, and in Lon Lon Meadow, where she informs him about the whereabouts of Missy.

Aba appears her again in the Deku Forest, where it is revealed that she is the daughter of Junglo, the old forest hero. After saving the Deku Tree Sprout, Junglo tells Tingle that Aba is not actually his daughter, but that he found her as a baby in the arms of her dead mother. Because he did not know what else to do, he raised her as his own. Aba overhears this conversation, however, and becomes furious at Junglo for lying about her past and decides to run away.

Fortunately, she had thrown away the dagger in her anger first and Tingle finds it just outside of Junglo's house. Tingle brings it to the only person who knows anything about weapons, the Armourer. When he sees the dagger, however, he immediately insists that Tingle tells him where he got the dagger and, after hearing the answer, runs off to the Deku Forest.

The Armourer and Aba meet near the Cherry Tree Family and he reveals that he was, in fact, her father. Years ago, his wife was fed up with his obsession with weapons and fighting. Taking Aba with her, she left him and went to the Deku Forest.

Aba argues with him and the two quickly begin fighting. However, they are evenly matched, and each is impressed at the other's strength. They decide to return to Port Town together. As they leave, Junglo comes to say goodbye to Aba, to which she replies with "Bye, Forest Dad!"


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