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Aginah a character in A Link to the Past.[1]


A Link to the Past

Aginah's role is minor compared to that of his brother Sahasrahla. He is one of three characters apart from the Seven Maidens that is a direct descendant of the Seven Sages who appear during the course of the game, the other two being Sahasrahla and the Lost Old Man on Death Mountain. Aginah is found living alone in a cave known as the Desert Sanctuary[citation needed] in the Desert of Mystery and tells Link about the Book of Mudora and where to find it.[2] He is one of the first to mention the prophecy of the Great Cataclysm to Link.[3] Like Sahasrahla, he has telepathic powers, though he doesn't contact Link with them. Instead, his telepathic powers give him the ability to sense events in the Golden Land (or Ganon's Dark World), as seen in one of Link's interactions with him.[4]

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets

Aginah plays a much larger role than in the previous game. Now wearing robes of the same color as Sahasrahla, he lives in Sahasrahla's Hideout near the Eastern Palace. He is the first person to discover the Hero of Light. Throughout the game, he uses his telepathic abilities to directly contact the Hero of Light to advise them and impart his wisdom. It is also revealed that he is the younger brother of Sahasrahla, who left Hyrule some time prior to the game to search for Link.


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The People's Republic of China
阿基纳 (Ā jī nà)[8]
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The Italian Republic
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