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The Lucky Treasure Shop,(TotK)[1] also known as All or Nothing,(BotW)[2] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

All or Nothing is a Shop run by Cloyne in Lurelin Village. It hosts the Treasure-Chest Game Mini-Game. Cloyne also keeps a variety of Books on the Shop's shelves, which is noted to be unusual for places where gambling is done.[3]

On days with Rain, Armes mentions that he goes to All or Nothing to gamble.[4] During Rain, Numar also asks Link if he could fund his visits to the Shop, requesting a payment of 100 Rupees.[5] He will often lose Rupees while playing,[6] but if he wins, he will give Link 1,000 Rupees.[7]

Korok Seeds

BotW All or Nothing Korok.png

Completing the Rock Pattern on top of the Shop

BotW All or Nothing Korok.png

Completing the Rock Pattern on top of the Shop

Tears of the Kingdom

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