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Ancient Tablets,(SS | TotK)[1][2] also known as Stone Tablets,(TotK)[3] are recurring Items and Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Skyward Sword

Normally, the inhabitants of Skyloft cannot reach the Surface, and in fact its lands are simply a legend for them. However, the Ancient Tablet, when placed in the altar inside the Chamber of the Sword, allows Link to penetrate the Cloud Barrier by forming a Column of Light in each of the three regions of the surface. The tablet is broken into three parts - Emerald, Ruby and Amber. These three fragments open the way to Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Desert, respectively.

List of Tablets

Emerald Tablet
Main article: Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet is found Inside the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. It is used to access Faron Woods.

Ruby Tablet
Main article: Ruby Tablet

The Ruby Tablet is found in Skyview Spring, located behind the room where Link fights Ghirahim in Skyview Temple.

Amber Tablet
Main article: Amber Tablet

The Amber Tablet is found in the Earth Spring, located behind the room where Link fights Scaldera in the Earth Temple. As with the Ruby Tablet, hitting the Goddess Crest with a Skyward Strike leads to another message from the gods and the acquisition of the Amber Tablet.[4] When the Amber Tablet is returned to the altar inside the Chamber of the Sword, the entire Ancient Tablet is reassembled and a cloud rift with a yellow light pillar appears in the southwestern part of The Sky. This marks the way to Lanayru Desert, the final continuous area of The Surface reachable from The Sky.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Ancient Tablets are found on Small Islands found throughout the Sky. Link cannot read them himself,[5] but they can be photographed and shown to Wortsworth to decipher as part of the Side Adventure "Messages from an Ancient Era". In some cases, the center of a Small Island will give away when Link stands on it, causing the Ancient Tablet to fall to the Surface below. In one case, the Ancient Tablet will even fall into the Depths.

The Ancient Tablets, diegetically in the Ancient Hyrulean language, are written in an imitation of Middle English, though with the occasional real word. This is an idiosyncracy unique to the English localization; in other languages, Wortsworth simply translates the text of the tablets directly before giving his understanding.

List of Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablet Location
Stone Tablet at Lookout Landing Central Hyrule Sky Archipelago (Sky)
Lookout Landing (Surface)
Account of a Celebration South Eldin Sky Archipelago
The Strong Queen and the Receptive King Lanayru Sky Archipelago (Sky)
Ralis Pond (Surface)
The Harmonious Couple West Hebra Sky Archipelago
A Pilgrimage of Light East Hebra Sky Archipelago
The Researcher Mineru West Necluda Sky Archipelago
The Foreign Princess Gerudo Desert Sky (Sky)
East Barrens (Surface)
The Free-Spirited Zelda Necluda Sky Archipelago (Sky)
Mount Floria (Surface)
The Latest Trend Necluda Sea Sky (Sky)
Hateno Beach (Surface)
An Ancient Ghost Story North Gerudo Sky Archipelago (Sky)
Vatorsa Snowfield (Surface)
For the Hero's Sake North Hyrule Sky Archipelago (Sky)
Great Hyrule Forest Depths (Depths)
The Day the Land Rose South Hyrule Sky Archipelago
A Parting Resolve Sokkala Sky Archipelago


Names in Other Regions
宝珠の石版 (Houshu no Sekiban) (SS)Jewel Tablet
The People's Republic of China
古代石版 (Gǔdài shíbǎn) (SSHD)[6] 
The French Republic
Stèle ancienne (SS) 
Stèle ancienne (SS) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Alte Steintafel (SS)Old Stone Tablet
Latin America
Litografía arcana (SS)Arcane Lithography
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