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The Animal Companions are three characters in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages: Ricky, Moosh, and Dimitri.[1] They become Link's Mounts when he needs their special abilities to traverse certain terrain.


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Link gains the ability to Call only one of the Animal Companions by obtaining either Ricky's Flute, Moosh's Flute, or Dimitri's Flute. Which Flute he receives is determined by whether and how he obtains the Strange Flute. In a Linked Game, Link partners with the same Animal Companion as before.

The terrain of the Nuun Highlands and the Natzu region vary to suit the chosen Animal Companion's abilities. Ricky can leap up cliffs and over holes, Moosh can fly, and Dimitri can swim against currents and up waterfalls.

In Oracle of Ages, Link mounts only one of the Animal Companions, to traverse Nuun Highlands. In Oracle of Seasons, he mounts all three. In addition to Natzu, Link needs the Animal Companions in Holodrum Plain (Ricky), Mt. Cucco (Moosh), Sunken City (Dimitri).


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
动物伙伴 (Dòng wù huǒ bàn) (OoS | OoA)[3][4]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Animali di compagnia (OoA)[2]Same as English.
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