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Anutu is a character in The Faces of Evil.[1] He is an old fisherman who lives in Crater Cove.


Anutu lives in a small hut in Crater Cove. Earlier he had caught a Gohma, yet claims it is a crab and the biggest he has ever caught. Link corrects him, and Anutu praises him for his knowledge by giving him the Power Sword, which can shoot Power Blasts. If spoken to again, Anutu gives Link his encouragement, hoping to soon return to fishing once Ganon is defeated.


  1. "Als je de kraterholte in gaat, moet je eerst met Anutu praten. Hij geeft je een krachtig zwaard en herstelt je energie." (CD Interactief vol. 3 no. 3, HUB Uitgevers, March 1996, pg. 32)