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Aria is a character in Cadence of Hyrule.[2]


Aria is the grandmother of Cadence and a playable character available in the first DLC Pack for Cadence of Hyrule. Long ago, she sought the help of the NecroDancer to destroy the Golden Lute, only for the NecroDancer to stab her in the heart and take the Lute for himself. After being rescued years later by her daughter Melody, Aria fought her way out of the NecroDancer's crypt and took the Lute to a shrine where it could be destroyed once and for all, allowing her to finally rest in peace.


Aria is unlocked whenever the first DLC pack is bought, along with Frederick, Impa, Shadow Link and Shadow Zelda.

Aria is one of the hardest characters to play in the game, along with Yves. She has only a half heart and can’t find any Receptacles. Thus, whithout a fairy or a red potion, the slightest attack results in a Game Over. In addition, missing a beat also results in a Game Over. Unlike all other characters, she doesn’t have any special abilities. Finally, she can only use a simple Dagger.


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