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Armogohma is the Boss of the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess.[1] It is the keeper of one of the shards of the Mirror of Twilight.


Physical Appearance

Armogohma is a massive, armored arachnid. It has eight grey walking legs. These legs have three joints each and end in a white, pike-like barb. These legs have ornate, rectangular grooves in various places, and several white hairs, mainly near the joints. Armogohma also has two large, spiked pedipalps and two interior fangs near its head. The head has four lesser eyes arranged in a square and four tiny forceps underneath its red mouth. Atop the grey thorax of Armogohma is a circular cavity with a large eyeball inside. This red-yellow eyeball is similar in appearance and size to the eyeball of Morpheel. Armogohma protects its eyeball with an eyelid-like closing in the cavity. Armogohma also has a large, hairy abdomen with alternating light and dark grey stripes. At the very back of the abdomen, Armogohma has two small, red spinnerets.

Armogohma's eyeball is the abdomen of a smaller spider, which is revealed at the end of its battle with Link. This spider has four brown walking legs, a spiked head with four red eyes, and two pedipalps. The abdomen has spider web-like appearance on its front side.

Mannerisms and Weaknesses

Armogohma is defensive in its battle with Link and has similar mannerisms as Gohma from Ocarina of Time. It spends most of the battle on the ceiling, and scrambles back to the ceiling whenever it is on the ground level. Armogohma protects its eyeball with its eyelid as it walks around. However, when it covers one of the skylights, its eyelid opens, and Armogohma surveys the room with its eyeball. On the ceiling, Armogohma produces eggs from an opening at the back of its abdomen. These eggs fall to the ground and hatch quickly into vicious Baby Gohma. Armogohma also produces a laser-like energy beam from its eyeball that follows Link and injures him if it makes contact.

Armogohma's body only takes significant damage when it is smashed by the stone fist of a Dominion Rod-activated statue. The eyeball of Armogohma is also weak point, though Link cannot deal any damage to it while it is attached to Armogohma's body. Armogohma shrieks after its eyeball is hit or struck with the fist of the stone statue. When the eyeball reverts to its spider form, it is even more defensive and skittish than Armogohma. It scurries away from Link and has no attacks. When hit, the eyeball-spider also shrieks.


Midna's Commentshide ▲
First form
Midna says:

That is one big spider...

And it's even got a big nasty eye on its back... If that thing cast its gaze on you, you'd be helpless...

Your best shot is going to be after you've knocked it down!

If you don't hurry up and attack it, it'll crawl back up to the ceiling!

That thing is so heavily armored, your sword just bounces right off...

It's not just big. It's HUGE! I don't know if any of your items could do much to it, Link...

It doesn't do much good to drop it in front of a statue if you don't move the statue once it's there!

You have to watch its movements while it's crawling around on the ceiling!

What a handy little spider-crusher!

Go on! Just whack away!

show more...
Second form

It sure is a persistent bug... Even if it is just its eye, it's still alive...

But now that its armored shell is gone, you should be able to finish it off with your blade!

After Link enters Armogohma's chamber, he approaches one of the four large statues. The skylight in front of it goes out. He takes out his Sword and the camera pans upward to reveal Armogohma on the ceiling. Armogohma walks between the four skylight openings on the ceiling, covering one before moving on to the next. It eventually stops over one of them and opens its eye. Link shoots the eye with an Arrow from the Hero's Bow. Armogohma recoils and falls to the ground on its back, in front of one of the corner statues. This queues a Critical Point and Link fires an energy ball from the Dominion Rod into the statue. The statue activates and smashes Armogohma's body with a stone fist. Armogohma recovers and returns to the ceiling. At times, Armogohma attacks Link with Baby Gohma or its homing energy beam. Link continues to activate the statues and smashes Armogohma's body twice more. Armogohma curls up on itself and explodes. Armogohma's eyeball reveals itself to be a small spider on its own, which tries to escape along with some of its spawn. Link quickly defeats the eyeball-spider and the rest of the Baby Gohma.

After Armogohma's defeat, Link receives a Mirror Shard and a Heart Container.


  • In the Zelda HD Experience, Armogohma appears fighting against Link in an environment reminiscent to the Temple of Time.


Armogohma's name is a portmanteau of "armor" and "Gohma".

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 覚醒甲殻眼 シェルドゴーマ (Kakusei Koukaku Gan Sherudo Gōma) Awoken Shelled Eye: Shelled Gohma
France FrenchEU Golgohma, arachnide siliceux du Crépuscule Golgohma, Siliceous Arachnid of Twilight
Germany German Spinnenstatue: Armogohma Spider Statue: Armogohma
Italy Italian Armagohma, l'aracnide del crepuscolo Armagohma, the arachnid of twilight
Korea Korean 각성갑각충 셸드고마 (Gakseong Gapgakchung Sheldeugoma) Awakened Crustacean Insect: Shelled Gohma
Spain SpanishEU Armogohma, Arácnido de las Sombras Armogohma, Arachnid of the Shadows



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