Trading Items in Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

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In The Wand of Gamelon, Zelda can find numerous Trading Items on her adventure. Many of these items must be found and given to other characters to receive another item in exchange, often a piece of equipment.

Arpagos Egg

Arpagos Egg Icon CD-i.png The Arpagos Egg is the egg of an Arpagos. It is found in Sakado inside a nest in the tower connected to Mayor Cravendish's house. It is given to the Hungry Girl in Kobitan in exchange for the Flute.

Arpagos Feather

Arpagos Feather Icon CD-i.png The Arpagos Feather is the feather of an Arpagos. It is found in Gobiyan Ship inside a nest on the ship's mast. It is given to Myra in Hanyu Forest, who uses it to combine with Zelda's Shroud to turn into the Magic Cape.


Cloak Icon.png The Cloak is an item given by Lika in Sakado. She asks Zelda to bring her back some Fairy Dust so she can make it into a Magic Cloak. On its own, the Cloak has no use.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust.png Fairy Dust is an item Zelda receives from the Fairies of the Fairy Pool after rescuing them from the Three Witches. It is given to Lika in Sakado to turn the Cloak into a Magic Cloak.

Hanyu Spore

Hanyu Spore Icon.png The Hanyu Spore (pronounced /hʌnˈjuː/ hun-YOO)[1] is an item found in Hanyu Forest, from where it gets its name. It resembles a small purple mushroom. Grimbo of Washubi Swamp asks Zelda to bring him one, so that she can have "a bit more punch". He uses it to combine with Zelda's glove to create the Power Glove.

Heat Crystal

Heat Crystal Icon CD-i.png The Heat Crystal is an item found in Dordung Cave, guarded by a Gleeok. It is given to Yokan in Sakado after he finds a job there as a blacksmith, and used to temper Zelda's Sword into the Fire Sword.


  1. "Bring some Hanyu Spore if you want a bit more punch." — Grimbo (The Wand of Gamelon)