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This article is about the character in Breath of the Wild. For the character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, see Astor.

Aster is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Aster is a young Hylian girl who resides in Hateno Village with her father, Medda. She is usually found running about in front of The Great Ton Pu Inn, laughing to herself.[4] Aster is a big fan of the Bolson Construction dance, and she will ask Link if he knows it.[5] Link can claim to recognize it and please the child,[6] or he can admit that he does not know it and allow her to teach it to him.[7]

If Link speaks to her again later, he can ask about either Bolson himself or the dance. Aster will tell the hero that Bolson is a carpenter and how he can find him behind the East Wind.[8] Apparently, Bolson is also a "luminary in his field," but Aster does not fully understand that title.[9] She also says she heard he was a construction company, but she is not sure how that is possible.[10] In addition, Aster may share she heard that Bolson is a famous president or designer.[11][12] No matter what she says, Aster will direct Link to Bolson so he can see the dance for himself.[13]

Asking about the dance will prompt Aster to demonstrate it to Link.[14] However, telling her to stop will upset Aster, and she will call him lame.[15] When it Rains, Aster will run to the nearby Shared Cooking Space and pretend to Cook. She plays with a mound of material as though kneading it like dough.

At 8 o'clock, Aster goes home to go to bed.[16] She will also remark that if she does not get home soon, she will get in trouble.[17] As she sleeps, she dreams about her absent mother.[2][18]

Should Link approach Aster with a Torch lit by the Blue Flame, she will excitedly follow him around, commenting on how pretty the Flame is.[19]


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