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Astrid is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[2]


Astrid is a Fortune Teller and the single living resident on the Isle of Ember. When Link first meets her, she is trapped in the basement of her own home.[3] After speaking with her, Astrid asks Link to find her missing assistant Kayo, as only he knows how to open the chamber in which Astrid is trapped.[4] Once he is found, however, all that remains of him is a ghost floating above his skeletal remains. Although Ciela initially targets him as a monster,[5] Kayo quickly declares he means no harm and tells Link what he must do to free Astrid.[6][7] After freeing Astrid, she tells Link's and Linebeck's fortunes.[8][1] Through her reading, Link learns he must journey into the Temple of Fire to "defeat the power of darkness" and break the seal imprisoning the Spirit of Power,[9][10] if he truly wishes to save Tetra from the Ghost Ship. When Link returns to the Fortune Teller's residence after completing the temple, Astrid informs him that in order to reach the Ghost Ship, he needs three spirits: Power, Wisdom and Courage.[11]

If Link returns to speak to Astrid throughout the game, she will give him vague hints or clues describing what he must do next in his quest.[12] On a visit directly after obtaining the Regal Necklace from the Isle of Ruins, it is revealed that Kayo and herself are descendants of the Cobble tribe,[13] saying Link was destined to walk on the Isle of Ruins.[14]

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass Manga

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In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, as soon as they reach the Isle of Ember, Link and Linebeck decide to stop at Astrid's house.[15] Astrid introduces herself, stating that they are lost and that she can direct their way.[16] Gazing into a crystal ball, she informs Linebeck that he should get a wife if he does not wish to perish under a pile of dirty underpants.[17] Linebeck then responds that he does not need romantic advice.[18] Astrid tells Link that his help is needed, informing the hero about a monster lurking inside a temple under the island's volcano.[19] Once Link returns from the temple, she congratulates him.[20] Astrid mentions that the power of the spirit he freed will help him find the Ghost Ship and Link is baffled at how she knew about the Ship when he never mentioned it before.[21][22] Astrid explains that as a fortune teller, she sees all.[23] Astrid then reveals that the spirits of power, wisdom and courage are needed to find the Ghost Ship, but must be obtained soon because the spirits are growing weaker.[24] Link and Linebeck depart and follow her advice, soon freeing Leaf, Neri and Ciela's memories.


Astrid is a modern form of the Scandinavian name Ástríðr.[25]

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フォーチュン (Fōchun)[27]Fortune
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