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Aurie Taamu is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW | TotK)[6][9] He does not ever actually appear in either game, but is detailed through his own writings and descriptions by other characters.

Certain characteristics imply that Aurie Taamu is a reference to Tingle, particularly his manner of language and that he is a 35-year-old bachelor with a strong interest in Fairies.[10] However, whether the two are actually related remains unclear.


Breath of the Wild

Aurie Taamu is a famous chef and the author of Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 1 and Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2, which are studied the cookery class held by Ashai.[11]

At some point after he was 35,[10] Aurie Taamu's first book was published, documenting his knowledge of Cooking special effects,[9] Elixirs[12] and Fairies.[10] His second book was published an unknown period of time later and expanded on his knowledge of Cooking special effects,[13] as well as covering Monster Extract[14] and Cooking for monetary gain. In this book he also explained that he learnt all he knew from someone he described as a dear friend, although he was unable to recall the person's name.[15]

During his life, Aurie Taamu was involved in a love triangle involving Ashai and Isha.[8] It is unknown exactly what happened between the three of them, except that it ended badly and that both Ashai and Isha remain single to this day.[16]

Not much else is known about Aurie Taamu, other than that he went to bed early,[13] was afraid of Insects,[12] and considered himself to be a pure soul.[10] He was, by his own admission, an impatient man and always kept some hasty foods on hand as a result.[9]

Tears of the Kingdom

A note by Aurie Taamu can be found in the Carok Bridge Well, where he appears to have been trapped for some days when looking for ingredients.[citation needed]


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