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Back Alley is a location in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Features and Overview

The Back Alley is a road connected to Hyrule Castle Town's Market. It is considerably less crowded and quieter due to the fact that it is where most of the Town citizens live. Few people roam these streets, so only one or two people can be seen dawdling in the Alley at any given hour. The young hero can only enter through three doors in the Back Alley, two of which are residents' homes and the other being the Bombchu Shop.

After obtaining all of the three Spiritual Stones and retrieving the Ocarina of Time from the moat near the Hyrule Castle Town entrance, Link can go to the Back Alley to witness a dying Soldier in the east area of the Alley. If the young hero speaks to him, he will tell Link about Ganondorf's betrayal of the King of Hyrule as well as Princess Zelda's escape from the Castle. He then urges Link to go to the Temple of Time before taking his final breath and dying.[2] If Link tries to speak to him again, he will notice that the Soldier is not moving anymore.[3]

Once Link becomes an adult, the Back Alley becomes inaccessible due to its entrances being blocked off by rubble.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The People's Republic of China
后街小路 (Hòu jiē xiǎolù) (OoT)[5] 
The Italian Republic
Vicolo laterale (OoT3D)[4]Back alley; lit. "Side alley"
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