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Baito is a character in The Wind Waker.[3]


Baito can be first seen trying to apply for the Mail Center job, wandering around Dragon Roost Island after Link completes Dragon Roost Cavern. He is eventually hired at the Island Postal Service after Koboli, impressed by Link's contribution to the mail sorting, decides to hire a permanent assistant. In addition to his regular duties, Baito allows Link to sort letters as a Minigame, where he is challenged to sort at least 25 letters. If Link manages to sort 25 or more letters, Baito will ask him to put a letter in the mail to his mother talking about how great he is. Some time after sending the letter, Link will receive a reply from Baito's mother, Kashiko,[2] with a Piece of Heart inside. Due to Link's impressive mail sorting abilities, Baito will compliment and praise him with any opportunity he gets.

Link receives a Letter from Baito after completing the Earth Temple.[verification needed] It is the last Letter Link receives. Enclosed with the letter is Baito's recent wages, a Red Rupee worth 20 Rupees.[4] However, the letter was send C.O.D. and costs Link 10 Rupees to receive.[5]

Baito's Letter

 Yo! How ya been, man? I gotta tell ya,
 you really helped me out back there at
 the Mail Center. I appreciate it!

 I've been trying real hard ever since then,
 but my postman skills are still weak.
 I just can't seem to hit 22 letters!
 I doubt I'll ever be as good as you, man.
 So anyway, I've been hearing all kinds of
 crazy tales about you, and I figured I
 just had to write you a letter.

 It sounds like you're doing some pretty
 amazing stuff, man! You're great!
 You're awesome! You're...the man, man!

 You can probably tell that I had no idea
 what to write, but hey, I figured the
 least I could do would be to send you
 a letter of encouragement.
 So... Yay, man, yay!
 Go, man, go! Go! Go!
 Never give up! Never lose hope!

 And while I don't make much, I'm sending
 you the wages I've earned lately. Just
 doing my part! Hope it helps!

 I'm really sorry I had to send this C.O.D.,
 but I guess that's the price of fame!
           Take care!
    Thanks again, boss! From Baito


  • Baito may have learned about the Mail Center job opening from the advertisement posted in the Cafe Bar on Windfall Island. The advertisement describes a part-time position involving package sorting, matching Baito's role at the Mail Center.[6]


Baito's name is a pun derived from the Japanese word for part-time work, アルバイト (arubaito).

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
バイト君 (Baito-kun) (TWW)[8] 
The French Republic
  • Le Commis (TWW)[10]
  • Le Commis de la Poste (TWW)[10]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Beit (TWW)[9] 
The Italian Republic
Partaim (TWW)[7]From "Part-time"
The Kingdom of Spain
Novi (TWW)[11] 
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