Balloon Flight

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Balloon Flight

BotW Balloon Flight.png
Quest Giver Shamae
Location Woodland Stable
Reward Star Fragment

"Balloon Flight" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At Woodland Stable, Link can encounter Shamae talking about Balloons to herself.[2] Upon speaking to her, she shares her belief people used to live in the sky, which she sometimes sees in her dreams.[3] Shamae tells Link that she would like to see Balloons floating in the sky, promising a treasure from the sky if he helps her.[4] When Link agrees, Shamae tells him to put Balloons on a Barrel to make it float.[5]

Link can bring Shamae Octo Balloons, at which point she tells him to tie some to the barrel next to her.[6] At least two Octo Balloons are needed in order for the Barrel to start floating. Once this is done, Shamae becomes overjoyed.[7] Shamae tells Link that her dream is to float up to the land in the sky with a balloon, and then to ride a big bird.[8] Afterwards, she rewards Link with a Star Fragment.[9]


Stage Description
1 You promised Shamae, the kid from the Woodland Stable, that you'd show her a sky filled with balloons.

The first step is to find things that serve as balloons, and then use them to life the barrels to delight Shamae.
Complete With the ingenious use of Octo balloons, you kept your promise to Shamae.

As thanks, she gave you a star fragment.


  • This Side Quest references Skyward Sword on several occasions.
    • Shamae tells Link of her dream that people used to live in the sky, referring to Skyloft.[3]
    • Shamae wants to ride a big bird in the sky, alluding to Loftwings.[8]
    • The reward, a Star Fragment, resembles the Gratitude Crystals received after completing Quests in Skyloft.
  • Unlike many other Side Quests, there is no alternate dialogue if you complete this Side Quest with 999 Star Fragments. Doing so merely causes the one offered as a reward to disappear after being given out.


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