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The Bareeda Naag Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Cannon,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Bareeda Naag Shrine is located at Lake Totori South on the Tabantha Frontier, just south of Rito Village. It can only be accessed by completing "The Ancient Rito Song" Shrine Quest. Link can start the Quest by speaking to Bedoli after completing the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest. He can ask Bedoli to teach him the song she is singing, which she will agree to.[2] However, she has forgotten half of the lyrics, so she sends him to her sister Laissa to learn the rest.[3]

Laissa will only provide the rest of the lyrics to Link if he can recite what Bedoli taught him.[4] If Link is able to successfully repeat the song for her, Laissa will honor her promise.[5]

South of Rito Village, a Pedestal can be found. When the sun hits the pillar that Divine Beast Vah Medoh is standing upon, the hole will cast a heart shape onto the Pedestal, causing it to start glowing. When this happens, Link must light a Torch or Campfire, at which point Bareeda Naag Shrine will unearth itself.[6]

As Link enters the Ancient Shrine, he will hear the Monk Bareeda Naag introducing him to the trial.[7]

Themes and Navigation

Immediately inside Bareeda Naag Shrine is a large Cannon that spherical Remote Bombs can be inserted into. Detonating the Bomb will send an Ancient Orb inside the Cannon towards a target on the other side of the room. Several moving platforms act as obstacles for this target.

Hitting the Ancient Orb against the target will turn it blue, and it will open the door blocking the Monk's Pedestal. When Link approaches Bareeda Naag, they will commend him for overcoming the Trial.[8] As a reward, the Monk gives Link a Spirit Orb.[9] Bareeda Naag will then wish Link well before fading away.[10]

A stone Treasure Chest can be found behind four cracked blocks near the entrance to the Ancient Shrine. Inside this Chest is a Falcon Bow. Past the Monk's Pedestal, Link can find another Cannon. While there are still moving platforms blocking the target, the target itself now moves back and forth as well. Hitting this target will open another door, behind which is a second stone Treasure Chest containing a Diamond.


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