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The Barracks are a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

The Barracks are located in the western corner of Gerudo Town. They house the Gerudo soldiers, who can be seen training within.[2][3] From the Barracks, Ashai's Relationship Classroom can be accessed through a doorway at the bottom of a staircase. At the top of this staircase, Link can enter the Royal Palace of Gerudo Town.

When Link initially enters the Barracks, the soldiers are on high alert due to a recent theft of the Thunder Helm, which they refuse to discuss with outsiders.[2][3][4][5] Two soldiers, Smaude and Marta, are being subjected to intense training by Babi since the thieves managed to slip past them.[6][7]

While meeting with Riju, Buliara suggests that Link prove himself by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[8] To this end, she allows the Gerudo soldiers in the Barracks to speak freely about the theft to Link.[9] In the Barracks, the captain of the guard, Teake, will explain the details of the theft once Link reveals that Buliara sent him.[10] She then commands her soldiers to offer whatever information they have to Link.[11] Turning back to Link, she tells him to consider himself part of their unit, and he should ask the soldiers any questions he has.[12]

When Link approaches Liana during this time, he will overhear her wondering where Barta has gone.[13] Leena reveals that Barta went to scout out the Yiga Clan Hideout two days prior, leaving before anyone could stop her.[14] Liana is shocked that Barta has been gone for so long without anyone informing her.[15] Leena apologizes, recalling that Barta claimed she would be careful.[16] Liana expresses her frustration that they have to search for both the Thunder Helm and Barta, and she is afraid of Teake punishing them if she hears about what happened.[17] Realizing the gravity of the situation, Kotta asks what they should do.[18] Liana yells that she is thinking about it.[19]

After the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest has been completed, Link can return to the Barracks to find that Barta has disappeared again.[20][21] Kotta explains that she left to investigate the Gerudo Great Skeleton, southwest of Gerudo Town.[22] Leena claims she tried to stop her,[23] but Liana points out that this obviously did not work.[24] After witnessing their exchange, "The Search for Barta" Side Quest will begin.

When Link saves Barta from her exhaustion, she considers resting at the Gerudo Great Skeleton longer before she returns to the Barracks.[25][26] However, when she hears how angry Liana is, she decides to leave right away.[27] Back in the Barracks, Liana will commend Link for helping Barta, giving him a Silver Rupee as a reward.[28]

Malena frequents the Barracks during the day, where she begs the guards for help.[29] When spoken to, she reveals that her husband has fallen ill, and he can only be cured with Molduga Guts.[30] She returned to Gerudo Town to ask the Gerudo soldiers for help, but they were unable to offer her any.[31] After speaking to her, the "Medicinal Molduga" Side Quest will begin.


Tears of the Kingdom


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