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Battle Bats are enemies in Link's Awakening.[1][name references needed] They are also known as Keese in certain regions of Hyrule.[2]


Battle Bats are summoned in flocks of six by the Grim Creeper during his mini-boss battle, which are then sent to attack Link by diving at him. Unlike ordinary Keese, which fly close to the ground, Battle Bats fly at a higher altitude and can only be attacked as they swoop down. If any of the Battle Bats pass by Link, the Grim Creeper will again summon another six. To emerge victorious, Link must defeat all six Bats at once as they fly down at him, otherwise the Grim Creeper will continuously summon more. The Bats can be dispelled by any weapon in Link's arsenal; the most effective being the Sword. After they are all defeated, the Grim Creeper swears he will have revenge over the deaths of the Battle Bats, some of whom were his closest friends, before fleeing.[3][note 1]

A pair of Battle Bats also appear alongside the Grim Creeper on top of the Eagle's Tower. These Bats fly away when the Evil Eagle arrives.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Pipistrelli da Battaglia (LA | LADX)[5]Same as English.
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Other Names

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  1. In all versions of Link's Awakening prior to Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, the Grim Creeper describes the Battle Bats as his brothers.[4]


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