Battle for the Sacred Realm

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The Battle for the Sacred Realm is an event in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


The defeat of Demise returned peace to the land of Kingdom of Hyrule and the events of the Sky Era eventually faded into legend. However, rumors of an all-powerful artifact known as the Triforce persisted and people began to search for it out of greed. When the entrance to the Sacred Realm was discovered, a group of sorcerers known as the Dark Interlopers began to organize and wage war against the people of Kingdom of Hyrule to find the entrance to the Sacred Realm in pursuit of the ultimate power of legend.[2][3] The Dark Interlopers crafted wicked artifacts including the Fused Shadows as weapons with their fearsome strength, though these paled in comparison to the power of the Golden Goddesses.

To prevent the misuse of the Triforce, the Golden Goddesses sent the Spirits of Light with the Mirror of Twilight to banish them to the Twilight Realm where they could never return.[3] This event came to be known as the Banishment of the Twili, as it resulted in the Dark Interlopers becoming the Twili after being bathed in the calm light of the Twilight Realm for generations.[3]

Fearing that another war would break out over the Triforce, the ancient Sage Rauru hid the Triforce in the Temple of Light of the Sacred Realm, which could only be accessed from the ruins of the Sealed Temple in the Light World.[2][4] He then constructed a new Temple over the ruins of the old one, drawing both inspiration and name from the legends of the Sky Era to create the Temple of Time.[2][4] Rauru sealed the entrance to the Temple of Light with the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time knowing that evil hands would not be able to touch the blade.[2][4] Rauru, having sealed himself inside the Temple of Light to watch over the Triforce from within the Sacred Realm,[4] entrusted the Sheikah with keeping the Realm a secret.[4] The Master Sword was then sealed behind the Door of Time, with the keys being three Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time.[2]

The Kingdom of Hyrule was formed with the descendants of the Reborn Goddess Hylia near the Temple of Time to protect the Sacred Realm.[1] The Spiritual Stones were then shared with three peoples swearing loyalty to the Royal Family of Hyrule,[1] while the Ocarina of Time was kept safe by the Royal Family. These acts brought an Era of Prosperity and a decisive end to the Battle for the Sacred Realm.[5]

During the Era of Twilight, the Spirit of Light Lanayru shares the story of this Battle as a warning to Link about why the Golden Goddesses forbade its intoxicating power.[6][7] Nonetheless, Link and Midna decide to continue pursuing the Fused Shadows in order to fight Zant.

During the Era of Light and Dark, the conflict was documented in a series of paintings depicting the history of Hyrule in Hyrule Castle.


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