Best Garden in Hyrule

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The Best Garden in Hyrule,[1] also known as the Best Flower Bed in Hyrule,[2] is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Features and Overview

The Best Garden in Hyrule is located on the Floret Sandbar, which is situated at a fork in the Hylia River in West Necluda.


Names in Other Regions
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  1. "What is it? I'm busy tending this flower bed. All around us is the best garden in Hyrule. Have some respect, and try not to disturb the plants too much." — Magda (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. "That's what the flowers you just ruined would be wailing, if they could wail. So please don't disturb the best flower bed in Hyrule!" — Magda (Tears of the Kingdom)