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This article is about the recurring Enemy in The Legend of Zelda series. For the Enemy in Ocarina of Time, see Reaper Blade. For the Weapon class in Hyrule Warriors, see Giant Blade.

Big Blades,(OoS)[1] also known as Thorn Clusters,(ALttP)[2] are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]


Big Blades are larger variants of Blade Traps. Instead of inheriting the same reactive behavior, some Big Blades may continuously move along a fixed path.

A Link to the Past

Oracle of Seasons

Big Blades appear in the Giant Blade Room in the Snake's Remains, in the Poison Moth's Lair, and in the Sword & Shield Maze.

Oracle of Ages

Big Blades appear within the Mermaid's Cave.


  • An unused, spikier variant of the Thorn Cluster exists within the files of A Link to the Past.
  • Unused blue and green variants of the Big Blade appear within the files of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. A red version, though only used in Oracle of Seasons, may also be found in Oracle of Ages's files.


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