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Linking Secrets are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

The following is a list of all the secrets obtained in a Linked Game. It includes whom Link must speak with to get the secret, whom he must tell the secret to in the opposite game, the reward for telling the secret, and whether a minigame must be completed in order to obtain the reward. Secrets listed under Oracle of Ages are obtained from characters in Labrynna in a linked Oracle of Ages game; these passwords are told to characters in Holodrum on the corresponding completed Oracle of Seasons file. Secrets under the Oracle of Seasons section are the opposite. These characters only appear after a certain point in the game (usually when a dungeon is completed). After receiving a reward, Link can give Farore a code at the Hall of Secrets in the opposite game in order to receive the same reward in the linked game.

Secrets are listed in the order in which they appear in Farore's Memory.

Oracle of Ages

Clock Shop Secret

Clock Shop Secret
Heard From Old Woman in South Lynna
(next to Ember Tree)
OoA Old Woman Sprite.png
Told To Old Man beneath Clock Shop OoS Old Man Sprite.png
Reward Sword upgrade OoS Noble Sword Sprite.pngOoS Master Sword Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Skull Dungeon (Level 4)

After completing the Skull Dungeon, an Old Woman appears next to the Ember Tree in South Lynna in the present. The Old Woman informs Link of the existence of a secret cave behind the Clock Shop in Holodrum. She then gives Link a secret to be told to a friend of hers, who is located inside the cave.[2] By digging behind the Clock Shop with his Shovel, Link reveals the staircase to the hidden cave. After telling the secret to the Old Man in the cave, the Old Man will wish to put Link to the test by pitting him against twelve enemies. If Link manages to defeat them all in 30 seconds or less, the Old Man will upgrade Link's Sword.[3][4] The Old Man will also give Link a secret that can be given to Farore in Oracle of Ages, giving Link the same upgraded sword in that game.

Note: By upgrading Link's sword, the L-1 Wooden Sword becomes the L-2 Noble Sword. If Link already has the Noble Sword, it will become the L-3 Master Sword, the most versatile weapon in the game.

Smith Secret

Smith Secret
Heard From Subrosian on Rolling Ridge
(next to Mystery Tree)
OoA Green Subrosian Sprite.png
Told To Subrosian at Subrosian Smithy Subrosian Smith.png
Reward Shield upgrade OoS Iron Shield Sprite.png OoS Mirror Shield Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Crown Dungeon (Level 5)

After completing the Crown Dungeon, a Subrosian appears next Mysterious Tree on Rolling Ridge in the past. After giving him advice concerning defense, the Subrosian gives Link a secret to be told to the master of the Subrosian Smithy.[5] Telling this secret allows Link to have a new Shield forged for him by the masters of the Subrosian Smithy.[6]

Note: By upgrading Link's shield, the L-1 Wooden Shield becomes the L-2 Iron Shield. If Link already has the Iron Shield, it will become the L-3 Mirror Shield, the most powerful shield in the game.

Pirate Secret

Pirate Secret
Heard From Young Girl at South Shore
(south of Black Tower)
Girl OOA.png
Told To Piratian at House of Pirates OoS Piratian Sprite.png
Reward Bomb capacity upgrade OoS Bomb Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Obtaining Roc's Feather
(Wing Dungeon)

Following the completion of the Wing Dungeon, a little girl appears in the northern area of the South Shore (just south of the Black Tower). As pitfalls block the only path that leads to the girl, Link is only capable of reaching her with the Roc's Feather. The girl will say that she had forgotten to give her "lucky secret" to "that guy who went to Holodrum". She asks Link to transmit the secret to him, as without it, she fears the unlucky man will meet with disaster and "end up a bag of bones".[7]

This person is actually one of the Piratians left behind at the House of Pirates when the others leave Holodrum. The Piratian, known as the "Unlucky Sailor",[8] claims that their boat would never have been shipwrecked (and consequently he would not have been left behind) if he knew the secret to being lucky.[9] As thanks for sharing the secret to being lucky, the Unlucky Sailor will increase the number of Bombs Link can carry (up to 50 if he has obtained the previous upgrade, up to 30 if not), but once he is carrying exactly 777 Ore Chunks.[10]

Deku Secret

Deku Secret
Heard From Singing Deku Scrub in
southwestern Deku Forest
OoA Singing Deku Sprite.png
Told To Singing Deku Scrub in cave in
eastern Natzu
OoS Deku Scrub Sprite.png
Reward Seed Satchel capacity upgrade OoS Seed Satchel Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Spirit's Grave (Level 1)

After Link has completed the Spirit's Grave, a Deku Scrub appears in the far western part of Deku Forest in the past. He sings a song that is apparently popular among Deku Scrubs at that time and tells Link a secret in the form of part of the song.[11] He tells Link to tell this secret to another Deku Scrub living west of Sunken City.[12] If Link finds this Deku Scrub, who lives in a cave near Moblin's Keep and can't quite remember the song, and tells him the secret, he will complete the song and the Deku Scrub will thank him by upgrading his Seed Satchel to hold more Mystical Seeds. Its capacity is upgraded to 50 if it is at the starting capacity of 20, and 99 if it has already been upgraded to 50.

Ruul Secret

Ruul Secret
Heard From Mayor Plen's grandmother OoA Old Woman Sprite.png
Told To Mayor Ruul OoS Mayor Ruul Sprite.png
Reward Ring Box upgrade OoS Ring Box L-2 Sprite.png OoS Ring Box L-3 Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Wing Dungeon (Level 2)

Mayor Plen's grandmother appears alongside Plen in a linked Oracle of Ages. She tells Link to deliver a secret message from Mayor Plen to Horon Village's Mayor Ruul.[13] Telling Ruul this secret leads to him giving Link an upgraded Ring Box that can hold more rings.

Graveyard Secret

Graveyard Secret
Heard From Ghini in Yoll Graveyard
near Syrup's Potion Shop
OoA Ghini Sprite.png
Told To Ghini in southwestern Graveyard Green Ghini.png
Reward Heart Container OoS Heart Container Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Spirit's Grave (Level 1)

A Ghini appears just outside Syrup's Potion Shop in Yoll Graveyard after the Spirit's Grave is completed. The Ghini asks Link if he believes what he sees.[14] If Link says yes, the Ghini will teach him a secret, promising that something good will happen if he tells the secret to a Ghini inside the single grave with no flowers in Holodrum's Graveyard.[15] The grave can be opened by digging behind the corresponding tombstone with the shovel (first row, second from the left). According to the special green-colored Ghini found inside, the grave is his "bedroom."[16] The Ghini will put Link to the test: several red and blue versions of the Ghini (13 in all) will appear for a moment. After they disappear, Link must correctly answer which there were more of.[17] When he successfully passes three consecutive rounds, the Ghini will "make him stronger" by giving the hero a Heart Container.[18]

Biggoron Secret

Biggoron Secret
Heard From Goron on Rolling Ridge (present) OoA Goron Sprite.png
Told To Biggoron on Mt. Cucco
Reward Biggoron's Sword OoS Biggoron Sword Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Crown Dungeon (Level 5)

A lone Goron appears in the highest cave on eastern Rolling Ridge in the present after the completion of the Crown Dungeon. The Goron tells Link of a sword which can only be forged by the hands of a mountain-sized Goron.[19] The lone Goron tells Link the secret to forging the sword which he is to pass on to Biggoron perching atop Mt. Cucco. With this secret, Biggoron is able to reforge the sword once made by the reknowed Gorons of old.[20] He forges the Great Goron's Sword from Goron Steel.[21] Naming it Biggoron's Sword, he gives the first one to Link for making it possible.[22]

Subrosian Secret

Subrosian Secret
Heard From Subrosian on Rolling Ridge (present) OoA Green Subrosian Sprite.png
Told To Golden Subrosian at Subrosian Volcanoes Subrosian Gold.png
Reward Bombchus OoS Bombchu Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Crown Dungeon (Level 5)

Another Subrosian also appears on Rolling Ridge in the present after Crown Dungeon, this time in a cave on the eastern edge of the ridge (next to Target Carts). He promises Link "something good" if the hero repeats his secret to his brother, who is found in a cave near the three peaks of the Subrosian Volcanoes.[23] This golden Subrosian, glad to hear news from his brother, will ask Link to cut all the grass in the room with only three throws.[24] After completing this task, the Subrosian gives Link Bombchus.

Diver Secret

Diver Secret
Heard From Master Diver's pupil above Zora Village OoA Master Diver's Pupil Sprite.png
Told To Master Diver in Sunken City OoS Master Diver Sprite.png
Reward Swimmer's Ring OoS Swimmer's Ring Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Mermaid's Cave (Level 6)

After the completion of Mermaid's Cave, a man identical in appearance to the Master Diver appears on the beach above Zora Village. This man is apparently the Master Diver's senior pupil.[25] From one pupil to another, the man asks Link to tell a secret to the Master Diver, who can be found in the house next to Sunken City's entrance.[26] Because the Master Diver is in a good mood, he will give Link a gift if the hero can pass his test.[27] Link must acquire the star-shaped object (identical in appearance to the Star-Shaped Ore) at the end of an underwater race course in under 30 seconds to obtain the prize—the Swim Ring[28]

Temple Secret

Temple Secret
Heard From Great Fairy in Fairies' Woods (Wing Dungeon ruins) OoA Great Fairy Sprite.png
Told To Great Fairy in Temple of Seasons OoS Great Fairy Sprite.png
Reward Heart Ring L-1 OoS Heart Ring L-1 Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Wing Dungeon (Level 2)

After completing the Wing Dungeon, a Great Fairy appears over the ruins of the dungeon in the present-age Fairies' Woods. She has a secret for another Great Fairy located in the innermost chamber of the Temple of Seasons, located behind a waterfall in the temple's main structure.[29][30] The Great Fairy in the temple thanks Link for transmitting the message by giving him the Heart Ring L-1.

Oracle of Seasons

King Zora Secret

King Zora Secret
Heard From Zora in Hero's Cave OoS Zora Sprite.png
Told To King Zora in Zora Village
(King Zora's Palace)
OoA King Zora (Present) Sprite.png
Reward Sword upgrade OoA Noble Sword Sprite.pngOoA Master Sword Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Obtaining Roc's Feather
(Poison Moth's Lair)

With the Roc's Feather obtained in Poison Moth's Lair, Link is able to progress further into the Hero's Cave, where he will meet a lone Zora. This Zora, originally from Zora Village in Labrynna, says he was sent by King Zora in order to find the Zoras a new domain in Holodrum. However, he says there is no suitable location for the Zoras to settle in the land.[31] The Zora asks Link to tell his secret and his report to the King Zora back in Labrynna.[32] If Link does so, the King Zora will reward him by sharpening his Sword.[33]

Note: By upgrading Link's sword, the L-1 Wooden Sword becomes the L-2 Noble Sword. If Link already has the Noble Sword, it will become the L-3 Master Sword, the most versatile weapon in the game.

Library Secret

Library Secret
Heard From Ghini in house on Western Coast OoS Ghini Sprite.png
Told To Old Man at Eyeglass Library
back room (Past)
OoA Old Man Sprite.png
Reward Shield upgrade OoA Iron Shield Sprite.png OoA Mirror Shield Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Helping the Piratians

In an abandoned home on the Western Coast resides a lone Ghini. This Ghini claims to have once been a librarian at the Eyeglass Island Library in Labrynna.[34] While working at the library, he claims he heard a terrible secret. He says this secret is what transformed him into a Ghini,[35] suggesting that the librarians made away with him for his knowledge of the mysterious secret. To "set things right", the Ghini tells Link the secret.[36] If Link then tells it to the Old Man in the back room of the library in the past (where he obtained the Fairy Powder), the Old Man will offer to upgrade Link's Shield for his silence.[37]

Note: By upgrading Link's shield, the L-1 Wooden Shield becomes the L-2 Iron Shield. If Link already has the Iron Shield, it will become the L-3 Mirror Shield, the most powerful shield in the game.

Troy Secret

Troy Secret
Heard From Dr. Troy's Pupil at Windmill in
Eastern Suburbs
Troy's Pupil.png
Told To Dr. Troy at Target Carts on
Rolling Ridge
OoA Dr. Troy Sprite.png
Reward Bombchus OoA Bombchu Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Poison Moth's Lair (Level 3)

After completing Poison Moth's Lair, a boy appears standing next to Guru-Guru near the Windmill east of Horon Village. This boy is in fact the senior pupil of Dr. Troy of Labrynna.[38] He has a secret for his mentor, but since he is occupied with his studies, he requests that Link tell his secret instead.[39] The biologist can be found at the Target Carts mini-game on Rolling Ridge. Dr. Troy will offer Link Bombchus as a reward, but only if he can hit all the targets in a game of Target Carts.[40][41]

Tingle Secret

Tingle Secret
Heard From Great Fairy in Woods of Winter OoS Great Fairy Sprite.png
Told To Tingle in Forest of Time OoA Tingle Sprite.png
Reward Seed Satchel capacity upgrade OoA Seed Satchel Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Snake's Remains (Level 2)

In a cave east of Snake's Remains resides a Great Fairy with a secret for the man who thinks he's a fairy.[42] Back in Labrynna, Tingle will ask Link if he knows any "cooler" secrets than his.[43] When Link tells him the Great Fairy's Secret, Tingle admits that Link is "far cooler than Tingle".[44] As thanks for teaching him the secret, Tingle upgrades Link's Seed Satchel once again to hold 99 Mystical Seeds (having upgraded it from 20 to 50 earlier in Oracle of Ages).[45]

Symmetry Secret

Symmetry Secret
Heard From A girl in Holly's house in
Woods of Winter
Holly Woman.png
Told To Middle House Twins in
Symmetry Village
Girl OOA.png
Reward Ring Box upgrade OoA Ring Box L-2 Sprite.png OoA Ring Box L-3 Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Snake's Remains (Level 2)

After completing Snake's Remains, a girl will appear in Holly's home just east of the dungeon. The girl wishes to tell a touching secret to the authors of her favorite book, the twins residing in the Middle House in Symmetry Village of Labrynna.[46] After telling the secret, the twins will thank Link by upgrading his Ring Box.[47]

Fairy Secret

Fairy Secret
Heard From Woman next to water fountain in
Horon Village
Woman OOS.png
Told To Blue Forest Fairy in Fairies' Woods ForestFairy Blue.png
Reward Heart Container OoA Heart Container Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After First meeting with the Maku Tree

After meeting the Maku Tree for the first time in Oracle of Seasons, Link can find a woman standing next to the water fountain near the center of Horon Village. This woman, after seeing the statue of the young hero erected in Lynna City after he defeated Veran and returned peace to Labrynna, decided she had to meet him.[48] To honor their meeting, she teaches Link the "happiness secret" she learnt from the Fairies of Fairies' Woods.[49] If Link tells his secret to the blue fairy, it will give Link some "happiness" as well,[50] in the form of a whole Heart Container.

This is the very first secret available to Link in a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons.

Elder Secret

Elder Secret
Heard From Red Goron in cave beneath Biggoron OoA Graceful Goron Sprite.png
Told To Goron Elder at Shooting Gallery
on Rolling Ridge
OoA Goron Elder Sprite.png
Reward Biggoron's Sword OoA Biggoron Sword Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Curing Biggoron's cold

After curing Biggoron's cold with the Lava Soup obtained in the Trading Game, a red Goron will appear in a cave in Goron Mountain just beneath Biggoron. This Goron claims to be the descendant of the Goron Elder, who travelled from Rolling Ridge in Labrynna to the mountains of Holodrum long ago. The Goron would like to ask his ancestor the meaning of a secret found within his diary which was left to the Goron. Link can do so by travelling to the Goron Shooting Gallery and telling the secret to the Goron Elder. However, having only thought of the secret in the future, the secret will be new to the elder.[51] As thanks for teaching him a secret, the elder will reward Link with the powerful Biggoron's Sword, but only after having tested his skills with it in a game of target practice.[52] If Link can score 300 or more points in the game, the sword is his.[53]

Tokay Secret

Tokay Secret
Heard From Friendly Moblin at Ruined Keep
west of Sunken City
LADX Pig Warrior Sprite.png
Told To Orange Tokay at Wild Tokay Museum
on Crescent Island
File:Tokay Orange.png
Reward Bomb capacity upgrade OoA Bomb Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Visiting the Moblins in Sunken City

After destroying the Great Moblin's keep, and visiting the Moblins in their refuge in Sunken City, a lone Moblin appears atop the Ruined Keep where the fortress once stood. The Moblin, after assuring Link that he is not an enemy, will wish to tell Link a rare secret related to the Tokay people of Labrynna.[54][55] This secret is then told to the curator of the Wild Tokay Museum on Crescent Island in present-day Labrynna. The secret turns out to be the legendary Wild Tokay secret.[56] After hearing it, the curator will wish to bring back the legendary Wild Tokay ceremony (a game that can be played regularly in the past).[57] In order to help do so, Link must participate in the ceremony. After successfully completing the mini-game, the curator will upgrade the number of Bombs Link can hold.

Plen Secret

Plen Secret
Heard From Golden Subrosian at Lava Lake Subrosian Gold.png
Told To Mayor Plen in Lynna City OoA Mayor Plen Sprite.png
Reward Spin Ring OoA Spin Ring Sprite.png
Minigame? No
Obtainable After Obtaining the Power of Autumn

At Lava Lake, next to the Bomb Flower that was used to unblock the Tower of Autumn, stands a golden Subrosian. Apparently, Mayor Plen from Lynna City in Labrynna has done much for this Subrosian.[58] He wishes to thank him, but is too shy to do so himself. As such, he tells Link a secret to be relayed to the mayor.[59] The mayor will thank Link for telling him the message from the "oddly dressed out-of-towner" by giving him the unappraised Spin Ring.[60]

Mamamu Secret

Mamamu Secret
Heard From Mamamu Yan's mother in the Floodgate Keeper's House (Spool Swamp) Mamamu's Mother.png
Told To Mamamu Yan in Lynna City OoA Mamamu Yan Sprite.png
Reward Snowshoe Ring OoA Snowshoe Ring Sprite.png
Minigame? Yes
Obtainable After Poison Moth's Lair (Level 3)

After completing the Poison Moth's Lair (accessed by opening the floodgates using the Floodgate Key), a woman will appear in the home of the Floodgate Keeper. This woman is in fact the mother of Mamamu Yan,[61] who wishes for Link to tell a secret to her daughter.[62] After doing this favor, Mamamu Yan will request Link's aid;[63] she has lost her dog somewhere in Lynna City and will ask Link to return it.[64] After finding the dog (located randomly somewhere in Lynna City or just outside of it) and returning it to its owner, she will reward the young hero with the unnapraised Snowshoe Ring.

Warning: When beginning the mini-game, a glitch may occur where the dog disappears and can never be found. To avoid irreparable harm, it is recommended to save the game before giving the secret to Mamamu Yan.


Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons


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  61. "I'm the mother of Mamamu Yan, Labrynna's top dog breeder." — Human (Oracle of Seasons)
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