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The Blade Brothers,[1] also known as Swordmasters,[2] are characters in The Minish Cap.


The Blade Brothers are self-trained swordsmen, and have each won the fighting tournament at the Picori Festival.[3] If Link trains with them, they will grant him various techniques for his Sword, generally in the form of Tiger Scrolls.[4] Each brother resides within his own dojo, although Swiftblade's is the only one that is actually a building; the other Brothers reside within caves, graves, and even hollowed-out Trees. Each of the Brothers who award Link with Tiger Scrolls use the Possession Technique, which allows them to control Link's body and demonstrate the technique.[5] The other three Brothers instead use "visualization training," and tell Link to focus on his Sword performing more ably.[6]

Although Link must visit Swiftblade and learn the Spin Attack in order to complete the game, the other Brothers are completely optional. Link can sometimes train with a Brother as soon as he finds him, but they usually require him to have achieved a certain accomplishment before they will teach him. Furthermore, the three Brothers who upgrade Link's previously-learned techniques can only be found after Fusing Kinstones with the other Brothers.


Main article: Swiftblade

Swiftblade is the second eldest of the Blade Brothers. His dojo is a building in the southwest corner of Hyrule Town.


Main article: Grayblade

Grayblade is the youngest of the Blade Brothers. He lives in a cave on the eastern side of Mount Crenel.


Main article: Waveblade

Waveblade is the fourth youngest of the Blade Brothers. He lives under a tree on the southwest side of Lake Hylia.


Main article: Grimblade

Grimblade is the third eldest of the Blade Brothers. He lives in a cave on southeast side of the Hyrule Castle Garden.


Main article: Scarblade

Scarblade is the second youngest of the Blade Brothers. He lives in a waterfall cave on the northeast side of Castor Wilds.


Main article: Splitblade

Splitblade is the fourth eldest of the Blade Brothers. He lives in a waterfall cave on the southern side of Veil Falls.


Main article: Greatblade

Greatblade is the third youngest of the Blade Brothers. He lives in a waterfall cave on the western side of North Hyrule Field.

Swiftblade I

Main article: Swiftblade I

Swiftblade I is the eldest of the Blade Brothers, and "lives" under his grave on the southwest side of Castor Wilds.

Other Appearances

The Minish Cap (Himekawa)


  • Although both the Figurine and the game feature only eight Blade Brothers, Swiftblade claims in the Swordsman Newsletter that there are a total of ten Blade Brothers.[7]
  • In the PAL version, the music for the Blade Brothers' Sword Dojo is different.


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Die Schwert-meister-Brüder[9]
The Italian Republic
Fratelli spada[8]
The Kingdom of Spain
Maestros espada[10]
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