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Blue Tektites are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


The Legend of Zelda

The Adventure of Link

Blue-colored Tektites appear in The Adventure of Link, though they are simply known as Tektites.

A Link to the Past

Ocarina of Time

Blue Tektites are stronger variants of Tektite that possess more health in Ocarina of Time.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Blue Tektites can be found in the Snowhead Region and in the depths of the Great Bay Temple. As with their standard counterparts, their main mode of attack is to jump at Link. While on ice, they may uncontrollably spin on the surface of the ice and potentially hit Link. In the Snowhead Region, they possess the ability to hide themselves under the snow that has covered the region and will jump out at Link if he approaches. However, their position can easily be determined by the clouds of snow that appear where they hide as well as a scratching noise.

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Blue Tektites are stronger variants of Tektite that possess more health in The Minish Cap. There is only one of them in the game, appearing at the northwesternmost section of Mount Crenel.

Twilight Princess

Blue Tektites appear in Twilight Princess, where they skid on water, similar to Ocarina of Time and their Water Tektite relatives.

Phantom Hourglass

A Link Between Worlds

Tri Force Heroes

Blue-colored Tektites appear in Tri Force Heroes, though they are simply known as Tektites.

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

Blue Tektites appear as enemies in Cadence of Hyrule where they move to the beat of the music. They are a stronger variant of Tektite, and possess a unique attack pattern as they move every two beats, crouching for one beat before jumping on the next beat. However, they can only move diagonally and possess a short jump, being only able to hop onto short cliffs and other objects one block at a time.



Names in Other Regions
  • 青テクタイト (Ao Tekutaito) (TLoZ)[9]
  • テクタイト(青) (Tekutaito (Ao)) (ALttP)[10]
  • 青テクタイト (Aoi Tekutaito) (OoT)[8]
  • Blue Tekutaito
  • Tekutaito (Blue)
  • Same as English.
The People's Republic of China
玻石虫(蓝) (Bōshíchóng (Lán)) (TLoZ)[13]Bōshíchóng (Blue)
The French Republic
Araknon bleu (CoH)[12]Blue araknon
Araknon bleu (CoH)[15]Blue araknon
The Federal Republic of Germany
Blauer Arachno (CoH)[11]Blue Arachno
The Italian Republic
  • Tektite (Blu) (TLoZ | ALttP | OoT | MM | OoS | OoA | FSA | ALBW)[3][4]
  • Tektite blu (OoT3D | MM3D | CoH)[5][6][7]
  • Same as English.
  • Same as English.
Latin America
Tektite azul (CoH)[14]Same as English.
The Kingdom of Spain
Tektite azul (CoH)[16]Same as English.
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