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Brambles are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.(TotK)[1] Brambles go unnamed in The Minish Cap and Breath of the Wild.


The Minish Cap

Brambles are spiked vines that grow in front of entrances to rooms inside Trees. These can be removed with Kinstone Fusion. If Link touches a Thorn, he will sustain a small amount of damage.

Breath of the Wild

Brambles are spiked vines that grow around cave entrances and sometimes around structures such as the Hateno Tower. They are highly flammable, and will quickly spread fire.

Tears of the Kingdom

Brambles are spiked vines, closely resembling their Breath of the Wild counterpart. They are found inside Caves and sometimes out in the open on the Surface, where they often obstruct the entrances to Shrines of Light. When walked into, they damage Link and fling him back if he touches them while in midair. They are quite flammable and Fires spread through them easily. Rock under Bramble Korok Seed Puzzles feature a lone Rock sitting beneath a pile of Brambles that must be burned in order to lift the Rock.


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