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The Bridge Builders are a family of construction workers from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. They all share a strong family resemblance, and are led by their father, the Foreman.


Duke is the youngest of the siblings and wears blue, revealing work clothes. He works on the First Continent, linking the areas in return for Tingle's patronage. He is the first of the Bridge Builders Tingle can meet, and explains that he is competing against his siblings for their father's affection and favor.

Duke will only repair existing bridges between areas Tingle has visited, and can be found waiting on the side of the bridge that is connected to the more recently accessed area. He introduces many of the traits shared by his siblings, including pelvic thrusting and meaningless vocal sounds.


Judge is the middle sibling and wears white work clothes that reveal most of his body. He works on the Second Continent, except for when working on the bridge to the Foreman's Island on Sunshine Seashore. Judge also constructs a bridge within the Gooey Swamp, the only compulsory bridge in the game.

Judge initially stresses that he is different to his younger brother, but for the rest of the game behaves in a similar manner both in regards to how and where Tingle may find him, and in his mannerisms. Judge's voice is noticeably different from Duke's.


Main article: Duko

Duko is the eldest sibling and only female Bridge Builder.[1]

The Foreman

The Foreman is the father and leader of the other Bridge Builders, who call him 'Gaffer', despite his preference for the title 'Sir'. His appearance is that of a man much older than the others, as would be expected, with white facial hair instead of black. He is implied to be the creator of the original bridges which his children repair.

The Foreman is found on an island in Sunshine Seashore, only accessible by bridge. This bridge is built for free by Duke, Judge and Duko simultaneously in a contest for the Foreman's favor once all the other bridges have been completed.

The Foreman is disgusted that his children only worked when paid by Tingle, and instructs them to return the Rupees, as well as personally providing Tingle with the Pickaxe by way of apology.


  • Duko's name means "duke" in Esperanto. Thus, all of the Bridge Builders' names are actually titles.
  • It has been speculated that the Bridge Builders' design may be a reference to Masaki Sumitani.[2]
  • The Bridge Builders may be a parody of the Carpenters from the canonical Zelda games, with the Foreman replacing Mutoh as the complaining, but ultimately idle taskmaster. The siblings' familial relation is mirrored in the Carpenter's original names in Ocarina of Time, which imply that the workers are brothers.[3]


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