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Bug Nets,(SS)[1][2] also known as Nets,(ALBW)[1] Bug Catching Nets,(ALttP)[1] or Bug-Catching Nets,(ALttP | SCII)[3][4] are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, the Bug Catching Net is borrowed from a sick kid in Kakariko Village, as long as Link has at least one Bottle when he talks to him. It can be used to catch Bees and Fairies in empty Bottles. The Bug Catching Net can also be used to reflect Agahnim's magic bolts back at him.

Skyward Sword

The Bug Net can be purchased from Beedle's Air Shop for 50 Rupees in Skyward Sword. It can be used to catch Bugs used as ingredients for Potions. The Bug Net can also catch Fairies, Tumbleweeds, and Chirris. It is controlled similarly to the Sword by moving and aiming with the Wii MotionPlus. During the final boss battle, it can be used to temporarily distract Demise, as well as reflect his Skyward Strikes back at him.

The Bug Net can be upgraded to the Big Bug Net at the Scrap Shop, which is larger and can catch targets more easily.


  • 100 Rupees

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Net can be obtained from the Bee Guy in Kakariko Village. It can be used to catch Fairies, Bees, Golden Bees, Apples, Green Apples, and Hearts, all of which can then be stored inside an empty Bottle. The Net can also be used to deflect Yuga Ganon's magic back at him during the final battle.

The Net can be upgraded to the Super Net by completing the Advanced course of the Treacherous Tower twice. The upgraded net can be used to damage enemies.

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets

The Net is found inside the Big Bag received by Aginah each week in Ancient Stone Tablets. It can be used to catch Bees and Fairies inside empty Bottles.

SoulCalibur II

The Bug-Catching Net is paired with the Hylian Shield in SoulCalibur II. It can be bought in the Alioth Shop for 12,500 Gold while playing the Weapon Master Mode. When Link equips the Bug-Catching Net, his offense as well as his defense decrease 80%.

Weapon Cost Attributes Description

Bug-Catching Net
12,500 Gold Offense decreases 80%
Defenses decreases 80%
A long-handled net used for catching bugs. This item is an old companion of Link's and has appeared on many of his adventures--it accompanies him on this adventure as well. Obviously, it is not a weapon, but perhaps it will cause opponents to let down their guard.


Names in Other Regions
  • 虫取りアミ (Mushitori Ami) (ALttP)[6]
  • ムシ取りあみ (Mushi Tori Ami) (ALttP)[7]
  • Same as English.
The People's Republic of China
捕虫网 (Bǔchóng wǎng) (SSHD)[8] 
The Italian Republic
Retino per Farfalle (ALttP)[5]Butterfly Net
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Other Names

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Bug-catching Net[9]
Applies to
Superseded by
NameApplies toSourceSuperseded by
Bug-catching Net[9]


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