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Castle Sewers is a location in Twilight Princess.[1][2]

Features and Overview

The Castle Sewers are the underground waterways of Hyrule Castle which connect to the Hyrule Castle Battlements and the Castle's Waterway. When Link is captured by the Shadow Beasts, he is imprisoned in a jail cell inside the Castle Sewers. Here, Link meets Midna for the first time, who frees Link. Midna tells Link that she wishes to introduce him to someone, and the two begin searching for an exit from the Castle Sewers.[3] As Midna and Link traverse the Castle Sewers, they must lower and raise the water levels of the underground passageway in order to eventually exit through a small tunnel at the far end. At the edge of the Castle Sewers is a long, spiraling staircase which Link must cross via Tightropes to reach the Hyrule Castle Battlements.

Minor Enemies


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