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The following articles use {{Exp Game}} with infobox list items. In situations where a specific game applies to each list item, {{Infobox Game Blocks}} should be used instead.

TFH Red Link desperate.png TFH Green Link ok.png
[[Trinexx]] {{Exp Game|ALttP}}<br>[[Hot Head]] {{Exp Game|LA}}<br>[[Grinexx]] {{Exp Game|ALBW}}
Trinexx (ALttP)
Hot Head (LA)
Grinexx (ALBW)
{{Infobox Game Blocks
|ALttP= {{Term|ALttP|Trinexx|link}}
|LA= {{Term|LANS|Hot Head|link}}
|ALBW= {{Term|ALBW|Grinexx|link}}

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