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In 2022, a functionality was added to infoboxes such that commas were treated as list separators. This was meant to replace the commonplace use of <br> tags to create lists in infoboxes, which is an accessibility issue due to poor HTML semantics.

We've since realized that this solution has some flaws that are rather obvious in hindsight. New editors (and experienced editors from other wikis) wouldn't expect ordinary commas to have this effect—they would expect commas to just be commas, and the infobox fields to simply display whatever input given. In fact, the need for infoboxes to be able to display commas was more prevalent than anticipated, leading to the awkward {{,}} workaround becoming more common than it should be.

Going forward, Template:List should be used instead. Once this category is cleared, the comma separation functionality in infoboxes will be removed from all infobox parameters except game and other.

Most entries in this category can be resolved simply by wrapping the offending infobox parameters with {{List|}}. In cases where commas are actually part of the desired output, please wrap the parameter with Template:NotList for now. A bot will be commanded to remove the temporary template once this category has been cleared.

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