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The following articles lack official names pertaining to Ocarina of Time 3D. All articles in this category have a name that is not confirmed to be official and needs a reference added. This category is hidden from view in the mainspace.

Fixing Unsourced Names

To remove articles from this category, you must either:

  • Add a citation in the lead sentence(s) about where an offical name can be found, making sure it fits the Terminology Guidelines.
  • If you are confident that there is no official name for the subject anywhere, you may mark the article with the {{Delete}} template. From there, the article will be reviewed and determined if the content is better fit elsewhere or if the article should just be deleted.

Reporting Unsourced Names

To add articles to this category, you can use the {{Name Ref|OoT3D}} template, putting it after the first lead sentence on the article.