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The Cave of Shadows is a dungeon in Twilight Princess HD.[1] The dungeon can be entered by using the Wolf Link amiibo on the Collection screen.

Themes and Navigation

The Cave of Shadows is a dungeon similar to the Cave of Ordeals, though it features 40 floors and must be completed as Wolf Link, since Link cannot revert to his human form while in it.[2] The Cave of Shadows also inhibits the use of Fairies, which will not revive Link when he runs out of Hearts should they be Bottled beforehand. If Link clears the final floor with the Giant Wallet in his possession, he will obtain the Colossal Wallet, which can hold up to 9,999 Rupees;[3] otherwise, he will receive the next Wallet upgrade, moving the Colossal Wallet to Agitha.

The dungeon is split into three sections, one with five floors, the second with 15, and the last one with 20. After each section is a floor containing a Treasure Chest, then the dungeon must be left and re-entered again in order to access the next section. Floors cannot be skipped, so the dungeon must be traversed through three times to get to the end the first time.[2] The first section can be accessed after restoring light to the Faron Province, the second section after watching Ganondorf's execution after Arbiter's Grounds, and the third section after obtaining the Sol-infused Master Sword in the Palace of Twilight. After completing the last floor of the dungeon, Link will obtain a Wallet upgrade from the Great Fairy. Then, a door in front of him opens, revealing a giant statue based on the Wolf Link amiibo. Standing on the three tiles in front of the Wolf Statue will each give different views of the statue, where the right tile gives a three-quarter view, middle tile gives a front view, and left tile allows jumping onto statue's head.

Upon completing a section of the Cave of Shadows, the game presents a score based on the amount of Hearts preserved, time taken, highest combo, and amiibo used while traversing it on a previous attempt.[4] The Wolf Link amiibo can be used to save data of the number of Hearts preserved from that last attempt, which can then be scanned again while inside the cave to replenish Link's health to that amount.[2]

Although enemies do not drop any Hearts, a single Heart can be dug up from the center of the room on the following floors: 6, 9, 13, 20, 27, 32 and 38.

Floors and Enemies

Floor Content(s)
1 Shadow Beasts
2 Shadow Beasts
3 Shadow Babas
Shadow Vermin
4 Shadow Keese
Shadow Vermin
5 Shadow Beasts
Shadow Vermin
6 Red Rupee
(Treasure Chest)
7 Bokoblins
8 Keese
9 Baba Serpents
10 Helmasaurs
11 Torch Slugs
12 Tektites
13 Bulblin Archers
14 Dodongos
15 20× Chus
16 15× Ghoul Rats
17 15× Bubbles
18 26× Stalchild
19 Gibdos
55× Poison Mites
20 Purple Rupee
(Treasure Chest)
21 Skulltulas
Deku Babas
22 Helmasaurs
12× Ghoul Rats
23 Lizalfos
24 Gibdos
Deku Babas
25 Dodongos
14× Torch Slugs
Fire Keese
26 Keese
Blue Bokoblins
10× Ghoul Rats
27 Bulblin Archers
28 Ice Keese
White Wolfos
29 12× Chus
12× Ghoul Rats
30 Chilfos
Mini Freezards
Ice Keese
31 Armos
10× Baby Gohmas
32 Dynalfos
33 Chilfos
Mini Freezards
Ice Keese
34 11× Chus
35 Helmasaurs
Deku Babas
10× Keese
36 Shadow Bulblin Archers
Shadow Bulblins
37 Zant Masks
Shadow Keese
38 Bulblin Archers
39 First Phase
Baba Serpents
Second Phase
Fire Bubbles
Ice Bubbles
Third Phase
Zant Masks
Southeast Switch
Fourth Phase
Southwest Switch
Fourth Phase
Northeast Switch
Fourth Phase
Northwest Switch
Fourth Phase
Baby Gohmas
40 Wallet Upgrade
Silver Rupee
Orange Rupee Triforce piece.png


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